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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Icons - 83 Thinspo Icons

More icons. 83 in total.
Since it would be too big of a post to put up here, I'm going to just give you guys a link to my icon journal. Not a lot of stuff there, just like...pb stuff (if any of you rp). I don't normally link back to stuff that can trace me, but yeah...not many people I know, know about that icon journal.
If you do feel the need to comment, please do it here.

Previews - Click on any icon to get to the journal post:

To the person who asked if I can make their display pic have animated text:
I'm using a web based program right now to do these, because my photoshop isn't working on my computer. I can make you an icon of your display pic, but until I get my animation and photoshop thing to work, I'm not able to do full size ones right now :( I'm sorry, love ♥


  1. you do seem to be very good at it! I used to do alot of graphic and webdesign, but stopped, not sure why, anyway, keep it up! x

  2. thanks for the amazing thinspiration! hopefully, this will give me a kick in the pants to stay on track!

  3. Just been reading this and your previous post. I hope your feeling better! These are amazing, as are the ones on your journal. Stay strong, T.