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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Don't forget that I cannot see myself. My role is limited to being the one that looks in the mirror." -Jacques Rigaut

Day 1: (yesterday)
Start Weight: 130
Calorie Consumption: ~850
Rating: 3
Successes: Stopped typical late night binge before it got out of hand. Kept away from normal weaknesses that take me at night. Following rules of eating for the most part.
Failures: Going over the 600 calorie mark, which showed itself in my weight for the day. Breaking rules of eating by eating at the computer while taking an exam.
Things to improve: Night time eating, calorie consumption, breaking rules of eating. Remember--if I don't have time to follow the rules and eat according to plan, then I don't have time to eat at all.

Day 2: (Today)
Start Weight: 129.8, not on track. Needed to be 129.7 to be on track for weight loss goal.
Calorie Consumption so far: 418
Rating so far: 7
Problems so far: Forgot rule of eating (not eating red meat). Managed to remember partway through, and immediately spit out food and threw out the rest of it. Ate 1 chip.
Corrective measure: 48 jumping jacks
Successes so far: Avoided eating TV dinner, and went instead for three baby carrots and a bottle of water.
Goal calorie intake: Max of 600.
Feeling: Bloated still from the beef. My stomach burns.

So far, so good. Let's get this weight down and melt it right off.

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for all the support.
And PERI! You're sweet as can be :3 Thank you ♥!!!!!


  1. Night time eating is my worst! Well done for resisting!
    You're doing really well so far, don't worry too much about the .1 llb, that can easily be sorted out. you'll reach your goals sooner than you know it.
    stay strong and keep it up sweetie! :) x

  2. 80 pounds? you've lost 80 POUNDS? oh my god. you are my thinspo. i just started blogging & cannot believe the amounts of weight some of u girls have lost, it is incredible. u r absolutely inspiring. well done, u must be so proud!! :D x

  3. Awwwwww shucks! You made me blush so bad! You flatterer, you! XD

    I'm loving those legs and shoes to bits! That chick with the stripy stockings, you hold her down and I'll punch her in the balls until she passes out. Then I'll steal the stockings! :D

    Wow, you are a full-on drill sergeant! I envy and fear the hell you're gonna put your clients through. They are going to curse your name every second, and then sing your praises for years afterwards!

    Good luck for tonight hun! Flip the fridge the bird and make a cup of tea! <3