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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's do this.

Current Weight: 130 lbs
Major Problem: Complete disregard for what I eat; negative reinforcement; lack of exercise
-Monitor food in careful food journal, kept beside professional journal
-Stop focusing on failures, and reward success, thereby encouraging success more steadily throughout the day.
-Increase exercise amount to at least a fifteen minute bout of cardio daily at minimum, with goal being a 1 hour session of cardio 4-6 days a week.
-Increase intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain
-Decrease refined sugars and refined flour
-Decrease amount of premade food and fastfood
-Any meals that are eaten must require some form of preparation or addition of ingredients by self--meaning, unless it is raw fruits or veggies, everything must be somehow home cooked. Exceptions as follows; 70 calorie hand held soup packs, low calorie cereals, yogurt, granola. Basically, no more fastfood, TV dinners, or store bought meals, since you cannot control what goes in them.
-No more use of butter; severely decreased use of margarine and oils
-Cut out beef, focusing on lean proteins like fish and chicken
-No eating two hours before bed
-Calorie amount to never exceed 1200 calories a day at maximum
-Core stabilization exercises (drawing-in maneuver, plank, etc.) to be performed daily and at waking.
-All sodas but Pepsi One are eliminated from diet; rely solely on tea, water, and carbonated water.
-Have some form of movement through out day--sitting should be reserved for studying, with a maximum amount sitting of four hours per day. Try to stand while reading.

Rules for Eating
-Food can only be consumed when done in certain locations. At work, this is standing by the lockers, facing the vacuum cleaner. At home, this will mean all meals must be taken outside, no matter weather. No more eating in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other part of the house that is not a designated "eating spot".
-For every meal exceeding 200 calories, do 1 jumping jack for every extra calorie. This does not count for the cardio to be performed that day.
-Chew every bite at least twenty times.
-Take one drink of water between every bite.
-Do not do anything else while eating--no TV, no talking, no radio, no phone, no internet.
-For every time a chocolate or something is craved, snap rubber band around wrist to associate sweets with pain. Eat fruit whenever a chocolate craving persists. Recite a rhyme not related to weight loss, or sing a song or something to distract.

Rules for the Day
-Focus on responsibilities over food consumption.
-Make up list of most important goals to achieve that day
-Studying comes first over games or anything else.
-Priorities are as such: Studying, exercise, pursuing trainer career (now certified), and then reading blogs like this to help maintain inspiration. After all of this has been done during the day, then things like facebook, going with friends, etc., will be allowed.
-Monitor all food, progress toward goals, etc., and grade self at the end of each day.
*IMPORTANT: Do not use punishments. Reward self for what was done, and then just work toward improving on the areas you failed at the next day. Failure is not a life long process, but a temporary error that can and should be corrected. You will not snowball out of control if you don't let it happen. Always pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. The key to success is persistence.*
-Read something motivational and designed toward success every day.
-Remind self every day of goals.

More personal entries to come perhaps later. For now, I'm going to be approaching my life from a technical standpoint.
I am a personal coach and trainer.
I am my first client.
Time to get this done.

Goal for weight:
Be 120 by April 1st.
That's 10 pounds in about 5 weeks.
2 pounds a week, starting today.
Focus on specifics, focus on every minute.
Every minute count. Every action counts. Every second. There is no meaningless moment.
Fill your day with 24 hours of success. 24 hours of accomplishments.
Live in the second. Controlling that one moment.
There is no stagnancy. Every second of inactivity, or every second of disregard for the goal is not staying still, but going back. Push forward. Push hard. Push stubbornly. And don't stop.
And when you fall back, just push again.

Let's do this.


  1. I love love LOVE this post. I'm going to print it out and keep it with me for motivation.

    I'm here supporting you - good luck!!


  2. love your plan, it is so inspiring. I whish I could be your client too :)
    but at least i can take some inspiration from your rules and follow them myself.
    I am just curious, how are you rewarding yourself?

  3. i need to do that...i suck with the exercise. i'd love to turn my house into a food free zone.
    GOOD LUCK, stay strong you can do it!!!!

  4. Favourite post ive read today - i find you so inspirational!
    good luck!

  5. I missed you! One of my last thoughts last night was to e-mail you and see how you were doing.

    How are you?!


  6. I haven't been this inspired in...I can't remember how long! I want to cut and paste this list and print it up and hang it in my bedroom mirror to read every time I want to give in and binge, c/s, all that shit... I've been having such a hard time lately...but you make it all seem so clear!

    Very lovely post. I wish you luck and strength in your path to 120.
    Stay lovely!

  7. *Flying tacklehugs* PRETTY!!! I was wondering what the hell happened to you, girl! Talk about a hole opening up in the Blogger portion of life! D:

    *Is inspired*