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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear spam commenter who signs with Chinese symbols and lots of links your ....... at the end of your posts:
You're like the finish line to my comments. After you, I know there will be no more comments left of actual value. I just reject you, and realize it's time for a new entry, because you always come in on the tail end of things.
I thank you for your consistent and timely posts. One day I'll approve, just long enough to visit your blog, and spam you back with links to giant roosters and the word "COCKS", so you will feel the love returned (plus, my boredom is just awesome).

Today, I played Survivor by myself on a bosu ball. Flip it over so the round side is down, stand on the flat part, and then jump around in circles trying to not lose your balance. Now try and do this with a sprained ankle and knee.

I worked out. It was pretty good. Can't do cardio, because my left knee is shagged, which means I've been walking crookedy on my ankle, which has now caused that to be damaged.

And yesterday was a bad food day. Yet...I still lost a pound?
Not that it matters.
I'm at 126.
Getting down, again. I hate jumping up. But my new diet pill regimine should help. I'm doing an alternating month/stacking. So this month is Lipo 6x Black Hers. I'm going to work up to doing the 6 pills a day by the end of this month, then switch to Meltdown for next month, and work my way up, then back to Lipo again. Apparently, it helps to keep your metabolism jerked around, and not let you get used to the pills. I'm on 3/day right now of the Lipo 6x's. I get hungry, but I feel so sick it's hard to eat.

I also did full out squats, with the barbell across my shoulders and neck.
Only got 15lbs on each side.
Holy hell, you guys.

ok i was going to write more but my chest hurts.
My heart rate just jumped up to 112 resting.
I feel like I'm going to die.
I'm going to go curl up and put my head between my legs and get my shit together.
This is why you don't take a seriously hardcore weightloss pill, an excedrin, Adderall, and a shot of five hour energy, all washed down with some diet pepsi, at the same time.

Really bad idea.
If I die, know I went out the way I lived.....



  1. i'm sorry your chest hurts, i hope you feel better!!

  2. I was actually worried that the chinese spammer might be my comments coming out wrong, so I checked out your last post to check ;).
    That sounds fucking shit to be honest! I fail miserably at trying to work out with an injury, so I have major respect for you.
    Try to go a little easier on your heart. I'd be really down on inspiration if you died.
    Damn, those pills must be some powerful berries.
    Stay strong, skinny x

  3. Haha. Yay for working out. Hope your knee gets better:) and I hope you don't die. If you die then you'd be dead, so yeah.
    P.s. Not that you should die, but if you do you should try really hard to come back as a zombie because that would be soo cool. Hm. I wonder how many alories are in brains. Ok gross. Nevermind. Maybe not a zombie unless you don't eat brains. So become a zombie but don't eat brains... If you die... But don't. That would b bad. I'm gonna stop rambling. K. Bye.

  4. I love adderall, although it's been years since I've taken it & I got it from someone else & only did so a couple times. And I only took half of the pill each time. But it made me nauseous to even think about eating & made me want to constantly be moving.

    I hope you don't die, I'm sure you won't, I'd miss your blogs. But I giggled a bit at the naked comment. :)

  5. I'm glad I got here before the spam commenter! I've been reading your blog for forever (not really, like 4 months, but yea) and I just wanted to actually stop being a creeper and say hi!

  6. Oh shit pretty wreck!
    That was a bad idea.
    Please don't die.
    Don't die.
    And I don't think you'll listen but please go easy on your leg.
    I don't want you to hurt it more :(
    ANd hey- remember if you hurt it then you can't do cardio for an even longer time!
    Good luck lovely.
    I'll be anxiously awaiting your next post.

    btw you are SO not allowed to have a heart attack.
    There will be some major ass whoopin if you die on me.
    I mean it missy!

    vanilla finnegan

  7. take it easy. You don't want to do serious damage hun. x

  8. Be careful babe! I don't want anything to happen to you :(

    I did a lot of squat/lunges today in yoga... I think my legs might feel your pain :p

    Stay strong and beautiful!

  9. Dear GOD woman, stop fucking with your cardiovascular system! If your heart explodes I'm gonna fly up there and kick the shit outta your corpse D:<

    Lol, naked you say? Hmmmmmmm ;)

  10. Ouch!! I hope that heart of yours calms down soon!

  11. Ahahah. I forgot how amusing you are. You are very amusing. Very amusing indeed.