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Monday, June 28, 2010

Gravity doesn't exist until impact.

Or so I apparently believe.
Guess who decided to be awesome and stand on a weighted medicine ball?
Now guess who not only succeeded in standing on it, jumping around on it, and then gloriously attempting to get back on it, and falling off and landing so hard I lost a quarter inch in height and got dizzy?
If you guessed PrettyWreck, give yourself three points and call yourself a winner!
I totally did that. Just stretched out on a foam roller and then a suspension bar. Feel better now, and got back my quarter inch, but my wrist is not happy. Best part is, I succeeded first try, then tried to jump back on it, and fell. Had to LAY DOWN it hurt so bad and I was so dizzy....
....then I got up, shook off, and climbed right back on. This time, I used the wall for support when I got on it, and then bounced around ON A BALL. I swear, sometimes I really am awesome.

People ask sometimes how I got such good balance, or how it is that I can pop my shoulder out of place so easily without it hurting.
Because I've done it so often, that's why XD T he first few times I popped my hips out of place, shoulders, etc., it hurt like a BITCH. And I got such good balance because I would be doing stupid shit, like trying to walk on monkey bars, fall off, pop a shoulder or hip out of it's joint, and have to pop it back. And then I'd just do it again. I have no sense of mortality, and pain does not seem to be something that easily persuades me against dumb shit. So it was self preservation. My determination and stupidity outweigh my fear.

As my friend K says, for being 23, I sure act like a retarded 7 year old often enough.

I'm not really double jointed.
I'm just stubborn.
Nah, I am.
It rocks.

Also, heart is fine.

I got pissed last night.
Chopped FIVE INCHES off of my hair.

Well, six, if you count how short it ultimately ended after I finished cleaning it up.


Picture will be gone in 24 hours.
I am so freaking fat.

I'm gonna only eat 1000 calories a day. Which is still a lot, but I've been OMNOMNOMMING my way into oblivion the past few months. So I'm not weighing myself, and I'm gonna stick to 1000 cals, with a tops of 1500, methinks. 1500 is still "healthy" so my shrink can NOT give me shit over that.

Or pant sizes. Fuck the scale. I just wanna get down another pant size.

Fun fact.
I lost a pound after I lopped off my hair.
A freaking pound.
No wonder it always made me get headaches when I pulled it up.


  1. I might chop off my hair. I like it - very Amelie :)

  2. Oh my word, this is the first time I've been able to catch one of you face shots! You are so effing beautiful!!!! You're eyes are so purdy.

  3. I have been feeling extra hefty lately so I started restricting heavily last Saturday. I eat around 800-900 calories a day, and work out 3 times a week. I've dropped like 4 pounds.

    Sending weigh loss dust your way!!

  4. Wow your hair looks nice!! Also on a completely nerdy point, is that a blackberry???? Because I have one and ever since I got it I've become this ace for spotting them, lol.
    I am so squeamish when it comes to popping things in and out of place! You're just like riggs in lethal weapon!! As for the balance, you're better than me, I'm completely accident prone!
    Good luck with your new plan!

  5. I like your hair, and your very pretty and not fat. And omg! A whole pound! That's crazy. I saw that and for a second I saw myself cutting off my hair haha but I won't because short hair does not work for me as well as it does for you. Love you. Good luck. I hope your wrist feels better. And your fall reminds me what I say when I fall (often because I'm extremely uncoordinated) "if you're going to fall at least make it spectacular" and what you did sounds quite spectacular. :)

  6. Your hair looks so cute <3 Love'n it! I know what you mean about the hair thing. When I had braided extensions I lost a whole 2lbs and some change when I took them out! Crazy, right? Lol.

  7. Aw yeah! I always manage to miss photos and its so disappointing. I'm delighted I didn't miss this one. Hair is good! Everything is good! And suddenly, you're a real person instead of nameless blog entity.

    "I'm not double jointed, I'm just stubborn"
    The best thing I've heard all week. And I listened to 102 year old lady talk about er letter from the queen, so that's saying something!

    And yep, hospital. Newbie doctor, 6 months outta med school. It's outrageous... 15 hours on the job, 5 hours sleep, and now I gotta get up and back to it. Sucks. But the busier I am the less time I have to vom. Yay!


  8. *Droooooooools*


    You are freaking CRAZY!!! Ever thought of hopping on a bike and joining the Crusty Demons or something? You've totally got the right mentality for it! :D

  9. fuck, you're too pretty... we can't be friends anymore.

    looooove you!

  10. You have gorgeous collar bones m'dear! ♥

  11. I see pretty pretty collarbones!:)
    Wish I had the courage to chop off some of my's really just a pain. Yours looks fab.
    stay strong,

  12. Holy shit I want your glasses. Holy shit you're hot. Holy shit, I'm bat shit.

  13. You look like Betty Page! But with shorter hair, for reals. Love the glasses too. xoxo

  14. Your hair looks so cute! There is something so refreshing in making a drastic change like that, no?

    Glad to hear the ticker is a-okay :)


  15. You are a hotayy.

    Apound?! From hair?! That is amazing. Anywho, although I didn't fully understand the ball story it sure did sound painful.

  16. You did one fucking great job with your hair for someone who was pissed! I would have completely ruined mine. It looks so cute!<3
    And you're gorgeous. And your collarbones- yum!

    How do you do it? I managed to break my foot from running. And not like hardcore running, like running for about a minute. You baffle me, dear.

    Stay strong, beautiful! x

  17. *Gape..gape...gape*

    Okay I'm fine now.
    Wow, I'll just echo everyone else and say Jesus, you are HAUTE.

    And a whole gosh-crapping pound? Makes my fingers itchy for the scissors =]\

    Ciao, hot stuff

  18. i hacked my hair off too about a month ago. i think i just needed a physical manifestation of the emotional purge i needed. [crossed fingers, hopefully by the end of the week, i'll finally have my emotional purge]

  19. Aha! I finally caught a picture of you. I think you're freaking gorgeous! I wonder how much my hair weighed? :P

  20. you remind me so much of a close friend I had in my teens who I was like...crazy straight girl in love with for years. lol so cute. so, so, cute.

  21. you have super pretty collar bones

    I is jealous

  22. You look beautiful, the colour and cut really suits you.