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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for New Years

• Get off graveyards
• Socialize more
• Get a better job
• Spend less time on the internet (current time: near 8 hours a day if not more. Ideal time: max of 4 hours)
• Start regularly attending the gym
• Reconnect with old friends
• Get over social anxiety and start making friends again. Potentially seek a romantic relationship.
• Get off ambien
• Become a personal trainer
• Lose last 20-23lb's (goal weight between 97-103lbs depending on self when goal is reached)
• Move out of my parents house
• Never force myself to throw up (with exception of perhaps severe nausea brought on by stomach flu/food poisoning--I have a hard time throwing up in some of those cases).
• Get taxes done on time
• Go out with friends at least twice a month (currently, I see them every few months)
• Return to school full time.
• Bring semester GPA's back up to 3.5 or higher.
• Stop binging near bed time.

So far, I've been offered a chance to switch shifts (so I'd work from 2pm-10pm, instead of 10pm-6am), I've spent this first weekend with one friend, and plan Saturday night to go to a bar with another. I'm about to head to the gym, and haven't spent more than three hours on the internet today.

Also, when I was washing my face just a minute ago, I stepped on the scale,a nd was down to 119.6 o.o! I was 120.8 when I woke up. So I'm going to go to the gym, and solidify this number, since I know near the last week to two weeks of the month, I'm going to be struggling, thanks to my period.

So I want to be to my original goal (103) by April of '10, meaning I need to lose a little under 4.5lbs a month. I think I can, I think I can!

Well, this is a quick post. I have to head out ot the gym, before those irritating new years resolution whores find their way in. If i have to see one more dumb slut in their cashmere sweaters, or listen to obese middle aged women talk loudly about their sex life and say they're going to be "SO SKINNY IN A FEW MONTHS IF WE KEEP WORKING THIS HARD--hey, do you wanna go get Starbucks after this?!" then I'm going to throw my weight at someone's head.

Good luck, girlies. I'll talk to you all soon!

And thank you SO FREAKING MUCH for all your comments on my 2009 before/after photos! I was actually super proud of them, which is WEIRD for me to be HAPPY with my appearance. I have a LOT of work to do, but to see how much of a difference there was made me feel like last year I actually accomplished something, and you guys had me grinning ALL FREAKING DAY.
I promise I will reply to your comments on there (especially the questions) very soon!




  1. hope u had a good time at the gym.. and you deserve to feel good about yourself, you did an amazing job last year, and you have become my number one thinspo! you look tottaly amazing and with the willpower that you have, i know you will be down to 103 very very soon! :) jen.x

  2. lol. I love your comment about the new years resolution girls. I got a few friends that are personal trainers and they say the same thing. (though one of them hates it more when girls come in and work hard when they havent eaten anything all day)

  3. Your New Years resolutions are awesome, it's good to see that they're not all weight based. Do you find that your weight holds you back from a lot of them anyway? - I find my weight does =/

    You look amazing in your after photo!! Very thinspirational!


    ps. I hate the New Yrs resolution whores too!

  4. Good luck with your goals!
    I sort of have the same problem with the binging before bed thing, I last all day then right before I go upstairs I have hot chocolate and an evil cookie or something >_<

    Ive been reading peoples blogs for a while, but just recently picked up enough courage to start my own, and start commenting :)
    Please take a peek!

    Ps, well done!! Your photos were so inspiring! x

  5. I hope you are able to complete all of your goals this new year!
    The binging will definitely help with losing the last bit of weight that you have left. And your pictures are so inspiring and amazing! I wish I had the courage to put mine up and say I lost weight but 20 lbs doesn't seem to look different on me at all.

    Good luck and keep going strong love!!!

  6. WOw! I can't wait to read of your growing success in...well, everything you put your efforts in!

    Cheers to a happy, successful and super skinny 2010!!