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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greatest. Affirmation. Ever.

Someone almost died flirting with me.

Yes, you read that right.

I'm still in the overweight range. I have lost 51 pounds now, but I'm still in the overweight range. Well, at the gym today, I was just...bleh. I forgot my work out shoes, so I had to bust ass in my Doc's (work boots) and I'm not sure how many people own a good pair of Doc's, but the traction on those things is made of fail outside of work sites. When I started busting ass hard on one of the ellipticals, the treading slipped and I cracked my knee against the base of the machine. But seeing as I'm not allowed to work out less than one hour on cardio and an hour and a half at weights, and was only the first fifteen minutes?
Work out SUCKED.
My knee is killing me.

So on the way home from the gym, I'm passing some car by getting around him in the fastlane. There's a motorcycle on my tail, so I hit the gas a little to get around this dude quicker and pull out of the way. When I got into the middle lane, I notice Motorcycle Man is looking over as he pulled up next to me. So I looked at him confused, and he smiled and waved. I decided, what the hell, and waved back. He got this goofy look...
...and almost lost control of the bike. I thought he was going to DIE when he suddenly swerved and nearly hit the wall.

So then he sped off. I had to swing by my work to grab my backpack and laptop, since I leave it there when I go to the gym. We got off the same offramp, and he kept looking over again. Then when I pulled into my parking lot at work, he pulled into the space beside me. I thought he was going to try and start shit (because I'm used to road rage, and I still hadn't showered after the gym and was all icky) and instead, he pulled off his helmet. He was probably mid to late 30's, and actually kind of attractive.

I go, "Can I help you?"
and he replied with, "Yeah...I uh...I was hoping I could give you my number, and you'd let me treat you to dinner sometime this week? Or coffee. Or whatever, if you don't like coffee."


Of course I took his number XD I was surprised I could form a coherent WORD. I was absolutely speechless. His name is Rob, and he drove a Yamaha. Not the best bike - but my heart belongs to Harleys. I like how they purr when I'm on them.
But yeah.

I just...I'm still overweight.
And I was gross from the gym.
And I had a guy nearly crash his bike and then follow me to ask me on a date.
I NEARLY DIED. I can't believe that happened to ME. XD!

Just had to share LOL!


  1. omg that is too funny!!!!
    hehehe i just died laughing about that omg but hey thats really impressive.
    see?!?! you are hot enough to almost make someone crash into a wall :)
    thats inspiration right there :))))

  2. That's such a cool story. Definitely definitely worth a date!

  3. That is awesome. I probably wouldn't call him if I were you, but it's still awesome.

  4. hey thats so cool!
    I hope it all goes well,
    you really deserve it :)

  5. That is fantastic!

    I'm sorry about the following thing, I've been a bit brain dead for the past couple of days.

  6. Oh my gosh! That's such an adorable story... it sounds like it's out of a movie! :) You know you're making progress when guys are falling head over heels!


  7. Too cool. Meet him someplace public, and find out more. Make sure to fill us in.
    Great job working out in DOCS, it would have been so easy to say F it. Ouch , sorry about the knee.