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Friday, April 23, 2010

And then there were puns.

As I tell clients,
things like food journals, calorie counting, etc., only work for so long. They are fantastic initial tools in the journey of weight loss, but eventually, they lose their motivating factor. After you see certain results, that side of you that says, "Okay...okay, can we stop now?" starts to overwhelm you, and the things that once held so much weight, stop.

It's like stepping outside in the sunlight. At first you squint. And then your eyes adjust. As it is with food journals, and every other method of motivation. Eventually, it loses it's drive.

As has happened with my motivating factors.

So I'm trying a new one.
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(Though the most potent thinspiration ever? Zoe Saldana on The Daily Show. When she had her arms dropped at her sides, there was space between them and her torso. Like she'd have to squeeze them to brush her own hips. She was that narrow. And the outfit she wore? Made her look so long and lean, and highlights that you could see the indintation shadow and hint of ribs above her breasts, and how hollow her collarbone was. Freaking. Amazing.)

I used to not understand how some girls on here just never seemed to move.
They were so close to their goal weight. So close, and they would make progress, then fall back, and I kept thinking, "You can do it! YOU CAN!" And now I'm one of them.
And I wasn't judgmental before. I just couldn't comprehend how the goal could be so close in sight (ten, twenty, thirty pounds) and for the engine to putter out, when I was struggling to lose sixty or seventy. I envied them, and wished I was that close, so I could just get there faster, because every pound would count so much more, and I thought, "When I get that close to the finish line, fuck me, but I'll push if it kills me. I know they can do it, and I know I can do it." I was so afraid of falling into the trap of struggling with the same ten pounds.
I vowed, vowed, I would not let myself struggle like that, and not stop until I was there, at the 103 mark, and not spend over two months fighting with the same few pounds.

...See PrettyWreck.
...See PrettyWreck eat her own words.
Eat them, PrettyWreck. Eat them.

I am so off target for this month.

Screw me sideways, yo.

So I blew out my knee, and as a result of gimping, the knee is feeling better, but I was walking cockeyed on my ankle, and now that's fucked. Hoo-rah. Giving it a rest for most of the week until bootcamp. My new boss at the Gym--Let's call him Harry Potter, because he looks like Harry Potter, know...more buff, and less forehead-ornamentation--is going to take me on for free as one of his clients.

He promises to make it hurt.

I like it when it hurts (SOUNDS LIKE MY FIRST TIME! SHAZAAM!).

But yeah, he's going to train me and stuff, so I'm excited!~

Uhhhm...after that...hmm...
..I have an anatomy and physiology coloring book.
Great fun.

The end!


  1. I literally lol'ed at your "SOUNDS LIKE MY FIRST TIME!" And then the "SHAZAAM!" just pushed me over the edge and I had to explain my hysterics to my father. Now he thinks I really love the new Taco Bell commercial. :) I'm still laughing.

  2. Wooo! I hope your boss really kicks your workout into high gear! (I tried so hard to think of something that didn't sound dirty, so there you go. Lame. LOL!) Plateaus suck. xoxo

  3. she's hot.
    and you're lucky to be getting free personal trainer sessions. i am jealous.
    and omg, i too vowed not to get caught in that trap as well. but its just the way our body works. you lose weight drastically, you're body is in shock, and has to fight back drastically. its in its nature.
    its so easy to observe from the sidelines but when you're in the game, its very different.
    goodluck hun. :)

  4. lol.
    i love reading your blog the harry potter part made me laugh during the bay day i had...
    but i wont quit even though im stuck in a rut we all have to just push a lil harder. i thiink it gets so frustrating becuase we want instant results and were like why can't it just be easy but it only gets harder the farther along we get

  5. ahaha. You are really motivational, you CAN do it.

    Keep going :)

  6. I feel that same kind of envy you've come soooo far n I feel like I keep trying n trying n trying n dont get very far..... Anyways OUCH wit the knee I know how bad that hurts.... I hope you feel better shortly

  7. you inspire me so much :) you can do it! Just keep focused and take care of your knee. P.s. you should check out my blog!

  8. please keep working toward your goal, you are now my inspiration. You know that I failed to keep the motivation and I've wasted the last year going up and down. Please don't follow in my failure, learn from it - do whatever it takes to stay on track!