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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boot Camp as a warm up?! YES PLEASE!

Today, I go to my new gym (WHERE I WORK, DID YOU KNOW THAT?! Just had to say it again) to do a group class called "Boot Camp". My boss goes, "That'll serve as a good warm up, so then we can do some exercises after, and I can see what you do with yourself."

I'm like, " a warm up?'re my fucking hero, dude."

If this class is how it sounds, then I'm kind of excited. Because then, that would mean I'm not the only who sees an hour long activity of pure agony as a suitable warm up for a good exercise.

New workout shirts: $25
Gym Membership: Free with employment
Bottle of water: $1
Working in a place where exercise addiction is the norm: Priceless.



  1. oh I wish I were working at a gym!! I mean I tried to but had to move..
    anyway working in a place where exercise addiction is the norm is indeed priceless :):)

    good for you!

  2. Congrats on the new gig! You are going to be a phenomenal trainer!! And a TOUGH one from the sounds of it :)


  3. Insanely envious! That's spectacular. You'll be supertoned in noooo time :]


  4. Yay! That sounds like it will be awesome for you :)

  5. well done babe! you're doing amazing! on the job. on the weight loss. on the exercise. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ...which you blates will :) think thin. xoxxxxxxxx

  6. Sounds like the perfect job for you :P No questions asked, just do what you normally do.

  7. Congrats on your new job and on the new work-out!

  8. boooooo i think i went to high school with that model. is it this girl? if so she was in my year & looks quite goat like in real life. so that's a comfort. & u are going to be exercising so much! :] that's awesome xx

  9. OMG I so envy you right now! I tell my husband all the time that if we were well off enough for me to be a housewife (which is my ultimate dream) that I would have the perfect body because I would spend all day doing the following:

    1. Cleaning
    2. Working Out would be f-ing amazing. I'm still really considering becoming a CPT now b/c of you!!!

  10. I want your job!! Personal Trainers can earn obscene amounts, and get to exercise ALL. THE. TIME. You lucky, lucky whore!!

    P.S Miles wants you to come down here. Why? I facebooked him this paragraph, which is, to my mind, the best fucking paragraph I have ever read:

    "I am totally not feeling interview ready today. I'm tired, grumpy, and needing to collapse on my bed and (masturbate) do wholesome things like nap or snuggle with my dog. (And by snuggle with my dog I mean read porn.)

    Have I ever told you that you are made of awesome? XD