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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sleep? Sleep is for the WEAK. Or not-busy.

Quick update.
1: Heart checked out ok, just pulse rate high (blamed on Adderall)
2: Everything checked out clear. My "social experiment" to do this with as much care and regard for health as possible seems to have worked. I'm "in shockingly good health. Better than most non-disordered patients" the doctor had seen. Still waiting for blood work results, since my thyroid had some weird results and I had to get blood drawn.
3: I got the trainer job, and offered another one the same night. I didn't take the one that has the potential for the best pay, but that has the best potential for the best training. It will put me in a better position later, and right now, I think I could use the help with honing my craft.
4: I'm at 124.6-125. Keeps fluctuating. Fucking scale.
5: Still ahead of target, since I need to only be at 124.4 by the 14th to be at my goal. Hoping to be at 124-123.8 instead.
6: Ran almost 3 miles last night, biked another mile, and then did a stairclimber. Hour and a half. Relatively light exercise, but I'm using the gym at the school, which is incredibly small and super private, so I'm totally alone in there. Will be starting to use the gym by my house soon, since I now work there.
7: Getting ready to head off to a meeting for said new-employer. Will be working current job, and new PT job, until I start to get clients and make more money.
8: Also until new FUCKING AWESOME health benefits kick in with new job.
9: My sex buddy just announced he's going back to Afghanistan, rather than coming home. He's in Germany right now. Dick. Only guy I'd do it randomly with, and he's off shooting people. Though he said he's tempted to come back, he doesn't really have a choice in the matter. Sad day.
10: My foot itches. Not sure what that has to do with this post, but it's rather pertinent to my existence right now. And it's on a spot that I cannot, for the life of me, scratch successfully. Stupid foot.

Okay, have to hurry up and head out to my meeting.
I haven't slept more than like, 16-20 hours in the past 4 days.
While it sucks, I think I'll eventually start to get used to the busy-busy-busy pace. It's sort of nice.
No time to think about eating.
But that also means I'm more prone to hitting up fast food.
Just gotta keep myself careful.

Not counting calories for today, or tomorrow.
Since I will have to eat in front of people who know about disorders.
I'll still work out.
Still lose.


  1. I'm glad your health is pretty much 100%. I was a tad worried about you!!

  2. Congratulations for getting the job!! That's fabulous :) Don't worry about your weight- I will come down too. Stay strong!