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Monday, April 12, 2010

I am he as you are me and we are all together

I'm not a cog.
I'm not a wheel to the coorporate machine.
I'm not a thinspiration. I'm not an anorexic. I'm not a lesbian. I'm not a woman.
I'm not an employee.
I'm not an eating disordered individual.
I'm not a tool to be used or a peon to climb up someone else's ladder.

I'm not an individual in the bigger scheme of things.
I'm not a human.
I'm not white.
I'm not fat.
I'm not thin.
I'm not anything you label me as.

I am me.
What am I?
I am powerful.
I am a person with a vision.
I am what I am now, but I am becoming what I will be.
I will be powerful,
I will be strength
I will use this fire, this passion, this force burning inside of me. I will use this heat to pull apart the mechanics of this world and I will change it. This flame will shape me, and by proxy, shape the fucking world.
I am the engineer of my reality.
I am the controller of my destiny.

I am more than food.
I am more than weight.
I am more than wages.
I am more than education.

I am power.
I am a piece of God. A piece of divinity. I am not unique. I am what we all are--temples in our own right. Bundles of energy and atoms and molecules that are eternal and powerful, and able to do anything in the grand society, and yet we sit here closed in on ourselves, forgetting who we are. Forgetting that strength of our very souls--that power that we knew as children.
We ask advice from people who we see as wise, even though we don't want to wind up where they are.

REMEMBER being a child.
REMEMBER before we understood words, when all that mattered was what we saw. FOLLOW only the examples you see and admire. FOLLOW only the instincts inside of you--those same instincts that told you to ROLL onto your stomach when you were an infant. That told you to PUSH UP ONTO YOUR KNEES, that finally screamed RUN, RUN, GET ON YOUR FEET AND MOVE! when you had never done it before! FIND that passion in you that said, "Fuck all of this, I WILL prevail!" no matter how many times you fell flat on your face. You couldn't understand the words spoken to you then--you couldn't tell if they were scorning or encouraging. You were guided--you persevered--only through the fire of determination in yourself. The instincts in your heart that led you on the proper path you were meant to be on.

Forget the rest of them who tell you what to do.
Forget the rest of the world.
and do it on your own volition!
and do it because you built your own wings!
Playing it safe, listening to everyone around you? Where will that get you? Where will this mindless, constant stream of advice take you?
To, if you're lucky, a middle class home with stress over bills and an obsession with the stock market.
Find your passion! Live what you love! Find a way to manifest your desires into the career that will set you free, and never, ever, ever be afraid to not find your way, because if you are determined, you will always do it!
If there is no path, then make one.
If there is no light, then make your own fire.
We are stronger than this.
We are more than our labels.
We are Gods of our own universe.
Stop vying for control only of your food, and take that control of the rest of your life. Fight every day, and know, that no matter how exhausted you get, you'll get used to it. It will pay off.
Don't stay on the ground when you fall.
Stand up.
And then run.
And then fly.
Fucking fly.

Don't let anyone guide you anymore.
Take those disappointments, and take the misdeeds of others, and feel them. STOP BEING DEPRESSED!
Forget the sin of rage! LIGHT IT IN YOU! Light that passion! Light that flame! And then use it to drive yourself. Become a straight fucking beam of rage, and take control. Use every slight to drive you forward, and to make yourself better--to put yourself in a position where it can never, ever happen again.
Let it drive you forward. Let it drive you up. Let it make you better.
Always do something that will be of service to man,
knowingly harm no one,
and never, ever forget--
You are the one in control of you.
You are the guide of your own voyage, and your own destiny.

Fuck the well trod path.
Find the ways that aren't walked. Find ways to help people that have never been done before.
And then do it.
Make your own way.

It will be harder.
But it will be all you.

Stand up.
Stand up and fight.


  1. you are fucking brilliant, love!!! I was being all depressed and unimpassioned... but you just posted this. thank youuu so much for being damn good :)
    you seriously just made things better. put a little bit of sense into my head. and not just on the Ana parts.


  2. That was beautiful. Wow.

  3. Thank you.
    You are exactly the inspiration I need to focus on my huge assignments I can't get my head around, and get my life in check.
    xo xo

  4. Love it.
    Love. It.
    Kudos to you, my dear.

  5. wow. that really put it all in perspective, exactly what I needed to hear. i have control over my own destiny, and what affects me i will refuse to let other things get me down.

  6. Hey :) I gave you a Sunshine Award!

  7. You are awesome. Where it comes from?

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  8. W.O.W!!!

    I tagged you in the Sunshine Award:)

  9. I love reading you, I love all your posts, I should comment more, I'm sorry.
    Thank you for this x x x