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Monday, June 22, 2009

Another quick updaaate

I am OUT of the 150's. 149 - 149.2 (it varies between those two numbers)
This month, I haven't been losing at the rate that I normally do. Granted, I still have a little over a week, but I doubt I'll be able to lose 6 pounds in about a week. My goal is three more before months end, which will put me at ten.

To be honest, I've been...terrible. I think I needed it. Well, I know I did. I actually stopped counting calories for three days straight - THREE! I had McDonalds one day (a total accident, long story), a Chinese buffet the next (going out with a friend, she wanted food, and I figured at least then I could control what I ate and portion size) and Red Lobster the next.

I've noticed that even when I don't focus on restricting...I don't eat a lot anymore, no matter what. If it's like...a meal with lots small pieces (not like McDonalds, where you have "The Sandwhich" and then "The Hashbrown", but like...lots of pieces of shrimp, and brocolli, and rice, or stuff like that) then I can manage to shove it around, give pieces to others, and just...make it look like I ate a lot more than i have.

I realized after Red Lobster that I gave my dad and step mom most of my lobster (which actually makes me sick, because did you know that Lobster is one of the closest known cousins to the cockroach? You're eating SEA ROACH WHEN YOU EAT IT), and most of my shrimp, and took the rest home. I ate a total of two bites of small lobster tail, one piece of garlic shrimp, one piece of coconut shrimp, two pieces of brocolli, and five chips and artichoke dip. My biggest intake was the salad, where I just ate the lettuce plain.

I didn't gain. At all. I lost. Without thinking about it. Granted, I still got depressed, because I wasn't in control of my eating, and I don't like that feeling. And it's hard to get control again, which is what I'm doing today.

But still.

Also, I've altered my gym cycle. I go two days, and I'm off one day. No matter what. I can NOT work out on day three, and I can NOT miss on those two days. It seems to be working. It takes me two days to really, really push it until I hurt, and then day three I recover and feel fine by the time I start over again. Also, I don't feel like I burn myself out. Like it takes a lot of pressure off of me to go Every. Single. Day. Like I'm letting myself be not-perfect, and it's relaxing. But this is only like, into the second week of it, so I'll let you all know how it goes!


  1. well done hun!
    keep up the good work xo

  2. Good girl :)

    You are so right about summer. We use good old celcius, but our summers get really hot too. I think I usually just hate whichever season I'm in and long for the alternative. It's terrible. Wishing away your life. "Everything will be better come summer". "Everything would be better if I were thin"

    No it won't

  3. If you're losing weight, you're in control :) (And your exercise plan is testament to that.)
    And I'm incredibly jealous of you!

  4. well done for resisting, without even thinking about it! and congrats on your weight loss,
    your pland are working out well,
    wishing you luck :)

  5. O...M....G....

    It never would have crossed my mind that lobster was even remotely related to ROACHES!!! I fucking hate roaches with the fire of a thousand suns. I live in the deep south, so it's almost impossible to keep at least one out of your house. This week I saw one crawling around in our silverware drawer!!!! I screamed and my husband stabbed it with a steak knife. I hope it burns in roach hell.