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Monday, June 15, 2009

But if you unplug everything, you hear that high pitched empty room hum. And the whispers come.

Was at a plateau. About 152.6 or thereabouts. Yesterday, I ate around 300 calories and was at the gym working out for over 2 hours straight, until by the time I got into the shower, I was actually shaking too hard to close the door on my first try. This morning, I was 151.4. Not amazing, but still, it means I had loss this week, and not just a maintaining.

I need to still lose 9 pounds in the next 16 days to meet my goal for this month. That means hard, hard work. But I've been slacking with the gym, and I can't do that anymore.

Although I love the feel of impending malnutrition, in that love/hate sort of way. It always starts in my shoulders. After a few days of being well nourished, when I start to starve, I become wide awake. Buzzed, like I just snorted lines of coke. My mind doesn't seem to stick to one thing, and then I begin to ache. First in my shoulders, threatening to turn into a migraine. Then down my arms. By the time it reaches my legs, nothing will take away but a good nights sleep and some food, but I can keep it put off for at least three to four days by eating just enough to stop the migraine from forming.

Of course, it will inevitably hit if I don't pick up my calories. Sometimes, I can try to keep it away, but it doesn't always work as well.

I'm under 100 calories for the day so far, and that was only to stop the malnourishment migraine from kicking in earlier. Two slices of insta-bacon for 35 cals, and 1/4 of a 70 calorie bagel. I'm going to have a psuedo calzone for lunch, which is 179 calories, and then I have some cheese I"m going to have before the gym.

Another day of working to about 600 calories on one of the machines, and then weights and more aerobics until I'm shaking too hard to close the shower door proper on my first try. That's how the rest of the week gets to go, and then maybe a bit of a break for a day or two, and then yeah...


Do you guys count liquid calories?
Like...a gatorade? Or if I have a juice box or something? Is that counted in your daily in take?
I had a yoohoo. Like, not the big bottle, but a small box of it for lunch boxes, and I'm wondering if you guys would count that?


  1. I personally count liquid calories. At first I didn't see the point, until I realized some juices have a SHITTON of calories in them, and I always felt like I was cheating when I didn't count it.

    But I know a lot of others don't count liquid calories, so it's a totally personal thing. Do what "feels" right for you. It's just for me, it "feels" wrong to not count them.

    Stay strong!
    Vee xox

  2. I count liquid calories - those things ADD UP quick and you can think you're not eating a lot but really you're just drinking your calories away and that's why you're not losing.

  3. So I start reading this and think omg she is really kicking ass at this and I'm so proud of you!!!

    but then I realize I have completely slacked off after hitting 134, I just kind of falter around that number now. Shit I really need to get my head straight. Thank you for a wake up call that I'm just wasting time doing nothing.

  4. Great job working through your plateau! The amount of time you spend in the gym is impressive.

    I count liquid calories because a lot of drinks have tons and tons of sugar and fat in them. They are still part of what you consume everyday.


  5. Gahh, I was writing a big comment, and my boss come in and it got deleted -_-
    Lets try again...

    I always count liquid calories.
    If they're a point (0.6) I round up to 1cal.
    I measure my milk (33cal in 100ml)
    and usually only drink Light stuff nowadays.

    This only became a habit since when I fast, I try to fill up on liquids, but a while back more times than none, I would either stay at the same weight, or even gain a little.
    It was horrid.
    All due to meaningless liquid calories.

    Gatorade doesn't have too many calories (from what I remember) but if you need it for the gym, go fot it, but still be weary that it does add up and make a difference.
    Keep up the great work

  6. Wow, this posts is so inspiring! I totally want to strap on some running shoes and hit the pavement (and I hate running so that's saying something). You are so motivated and determined!

    Keep up the awsomeness!


  7. I ALWAYS count liquid calories. Actually, no, I don't... because they terrify me.

    Basically, liquid calories are just as "real" and likely to stick on your hips as solid ones.

    But the subconscious part of your mind that keeps a running count of how many calories gets confused and goes, "Hmm, just swallowing, not chewing-- no calories here!"

    So eating 50 calories of carrots will signal your brain to CRAVE 50 less calories; drinking 50 calories of carrot juice won't.

    In other words, I avoid liquid calories like the plague, unless they're sugar-free. (And this has its own problems-- your brain doesn't process real sugar the same way after artificial sweetener). But I do drink sugar-free soda and energy drinks (mostly in social situations) without counting the calories.

    Meh, I'm pretty sure I'm just ranting at this point.

  8. Oh, and I was going to say-- congrats on the gym, you have amazing willpower :)

    I knew I wanted to comment with something other than random and unhelpful non-advice :)

  9. i only count liqiud cals if they are over a certain number some days thats if a drink is over 50 somedays if its over a 100 some days i count them all just depends on how i feel what the scale said in the morning really

  10. i totally admire you for hitting the gym so hard! nice one.

    as for liquid calories, i think they totally count. i never used to count coffee or tea, and then i realized that i take milk and sugar with both, and it didn't make sense to not count them. i don't even bother with juice, except for pure-squeezed lemon juice in my hot water. sooo cleansing.

    too bad about alcohol calories though. i can't be expected to just stop drinking! at least if i drink too much i'll vomit, LOL. ah, TMI, sorry!

  11. I count liquid calories. In fact, I try to dedicate most of my calorie intake towards liquids. I don't know why. Personal preference? Makes me feel lighter? I don't think there are any real weight loss benefits behind it, but that's what I do. [:

  12. I always count liquid calories. Otherwise I'd use up my entire calories for the day on orange juice or regular coke (which is so sweet it's like a fucking dessert to me!)