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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I must starve I must starve I must starve I must starve I must starve
do I have to carve it into my arms every god damn night so I won't forget this come morning?
I cannot eat. I must starve I must starve I must starve I must starve
this ego-syntonic disorder sways both ways, the justification for eating overcome by own inner guilt.

I feel hungry and I wish I felt it to my bones. I wish I didn't know that bone deep hunger as well as I do anymore.

It's all I FEEL. I don't feel small hunger I feel overcoming me. I survive on anywhere from 300-900 calories a day.

Today I passed out.
They got me burger king.
i ate it ALL.
There went my 180 calorie day out the window. least it was a delicious way to fuck up.
But that's not the point.



Done now. Please forgive this ambien rant. :3


  1. oh :(

    I'm always dizzy but I've never actually passed out... it's one of my greatest fears, it would give it all away...

  2. don't let it distract you
    start afresh now
    work out
    just keep focusing on what you just said

    that hunger means you're achieving something
    stay strong doll

  3. i hate that you passed out - maybe next time just drink a coke? i dunno, good luck tomorrow!