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Monday, June 22, 2009


Work work work work work.
Drives me NUTS.
It's a long story, but it ended with me, going against my usual sycophantic nature when it comes to higher ups, screaming pretty profanities and calling up both the New Jersey corporate office and the one in Northern Europe. I got my paycheck they had shorted me on, though, and I almost have gotten myself fired. But if they do, I'll sue them until they can't walk straight, my legal stick will be so far up their ass. Hunching over will be a feat with that piece of protruding from their mouth.

Not really. But whatever. I'll be pissed if they fire me, and I'll try to sue, but who knows if it'll work, yeah? I need to start documenting stuff religiously, and eventually call up the Labor Board if I do get canned, and then raise as much hell as possible.

Also, I was very good with restricting yesterday, but was over a pound heavier today. I felt all bloated and heavy and I think that's why. I don't know what's up with my body, but hopefully I'll shake it at the gym today.

Dog got hurt. It was scary. It's what started the screamy match - because they shorted me almost $200 on my last paycheck and I've been fighting for near 2 weeks to get it fixed. And when dog got hurt, I realized I didn't have ANYTHING to pay the vet with and she was bleedy all over me. So I was screaming at them while rushing my chew (chihuahua) the clinic, and getting blood all over my only pair of pants that presently fit and one of my favorite shirts. My poor dog was already freaked out because I had dragged her out all terrified like, and then I was screaming while driving, and she hates being in the car already, and she was shaking like a LEAF.
Though to elaborate the total awesome, when I got in, they rushed her back...and it turned out her nail had only cracked. That it had gone straight to the quick and even her toe thingy, and that the only reason it was bleeding so much was because of how the break was placed. They just pulled it out really fast, tamped at it, and gave her back. They didn't even charge me. When I asked why, they said, "Because we only charge for work. And all we had to do was tug that out. Trust me, the doctor wouldn't let us charge you for something that simple. Just make sure she doesn't go out on the rocks, and if she seems to still be troubled by it, bring her back. I hope she feels better!"

I was like, "This place is amazing o.o"

So yeah. Totally didn't have to pay what I thought I would. I brought her home, and she wound up running around again like she hadn't been hurt, but was super cuddly. I know her paw is still sore, because she's being a huge brat, and all she wanted to do was curl up with me. She always acts that way when she doesn't feel good. I mean, she likes to cuddle, a LOT, but she's SUPER playful with our other dog, and loves to bask in the sun, but today she did NOT want to get up from my lap at ALL.

Not that I mind.

Aaaand I've been writing, too. Working on parts of my book. I'm sort of stumbling on it a little bit. I have a few that I'm doing, but the one I'm working on right now is my major project - the other two are short novellas, and they're not really meant for major publishing, so much as just...short sort of chaptered stories? That may come out later. They're examining sexuality by following two individuals who try to figure out the true importance and meaning of sexual preference, and whether or not love really does have any bounds.

I have to be in a certain mood to write them. But the main one I'm working on (a fantasy novel) is my baby. Because I get to have MY sense of humor while working on it, which is very dry and ironic and mean.

Total rabble. Rabble Rabble Rabble. I hate stress, yo.
I need the gyyyyymmmm todayyyyyy.


  1. Thak You So Much!
    I was pretty close to tears
    from your comment.
    I really appreciate your support
    And I'm all most 149,just one more lb

    sorry about your chihuahua's nail
    [mine is sleeping right next to me]

  2. Your writing a bunch of books? That's amazing. I've always wanted to but I usually quit before I even get to 10 pages. Did you take writing courses or anything?