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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being Sneaky and Picture of ME

NO the above is not me. I wish. It's not yet, but it will be soon! My picture is further on...O.O! XD

I love you guys so much. The support is always awesome.

Though Pasco made a good point - passing out can give it all away. And after being seen chewing/spitting? How did I get out of it?

This is probably a good time to mention that I have been called manipulative by many people....
Though I happen to think manipulative is a bad word.
I prefer to call myself an Outcome Engineer.

You see....I had the foresight to get myself diagnosed with hypoglycemia....I don't have it. Not when I actually EAT. But that's not the point is it? The point is, I researched, and rehearsed, and went to the doctor, and got myself a nice little sheet of paper saying that I have low blood sugar, and that if I even miss one meal, I'll pass out because of it.
So now when I pass out, it's not "Are you starving yourself?!" it's "Did you remember to eat lunch?!" and "You know what that does to your blood sugar. Come on, lets get you some orange juice and then some real food."

It's always good to have aces up your sleeve, and to think ahead on these sorts of things. Always expect, and prepare for, the worst.

Anyway, as my title says....a picture of my FACE HOLY SHIT.
This is only up or like...24 hours or something, so get your fill, doveys! I'm not nearly as pretty as most of you guys that I've seen. Not like Gem, who is just....mmf. I want to be her when I grow up. If there are pics of her still up, go look, and go drool. They're more interesting than mine, honest.

(Picture deleted! D:!)


  1. Pssh, you don't give yourself enough credit. Even though you're in a bathroom, you look quite lovely.

  2. haha - an outcome engineer, love it!

    agreed that Gem is a doll and I wish to be her when I grow up too, but I think you are lovely & the girl is missing out on so much not seeing what a wonderful 'package' you already are.

    *package is a lame word for how beautiful you are inside and out, hope you know it's a compliment :) xoxo

  3. haha i don't think it's manipulative i think it's planning ahead.
    and don't talk yourself down you're very pretty.
    think thin. xo

  4.'re beautiful.

    No shit. :)

    And I am so stealing "Outcome Engineer".

  5. You're pretty!

    I think you would look really good with blunt bangs. Like amazing, actually. And a darker, chocolate-auburn haircolor.

    Think about it. You'd be smokin bby =]

  6. you are gorgeeeeeeous girlie - dont say things like that !!! as for manipulative - paaaah .. pure genius :) Xx

  7. Ooo that's quite the clever thing to do. Good work.
    And I missed the picture. Oh well.