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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Public Humiliation is AWESOME.


(aka 148.8lb's today)

I was at 151.8 yesterday. The day before that I was at 149.2. I swear to god, I'm happy I'm tracking my weight every day, because it's actually a relief to be able to realize that sometimes, you DO jump up high and fast, and then drop down faster. Gotta love water weight.

On TV, they had a case in Canada where they needed to test the DNA of a cat. A cop went over to get the cat, read the cat's rights to the owners, then had to chase it around the house for over 30 minutes. I'm just imagining what that must have been like.

"Hi, ma'am. I'm here with the Canadian Mounty. Your cat has the right to remain silent. Anything he says or does can and will be used against him in a court of law...."

I walked into an open locker door yesterday. At risk of sounding pervy, there was the most beautiful girl in the locker room. No, she wasn't naked. She was wearing a pair of bikini bottoms and a sports bra. She looked Indian to me (the actual country, not the term used for Native American's), and for some reason, women from those regions (India, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East in general) tend to be the most beautiful. But yeah...she had long hair, and was just getting into her exercise gear, and she had such long and pretty arms. She stretched one out, all slender and delicate, to rub lotion up it. I have this thing about hands, and when she reached out the very tips of her fingers to stretch them, I walked into one of the benches, and fell into the lockers. Of course she looked, and me in my bumbling awesomeness all gross and fresh from a work out, floundered stuck on some persons lock with my short little legs up in the air and my ass in a water spot from some strangers shower drippings.

It was awesome.

Public humiliation for the win.


  1. Hahahahahaha, ohhhh no!
    Gave me a bit of a giggle though


  2. well done on the weight loss! you clutz lol xo

  3. Yeah, there was a girl in the gym locker room today with this perfect little bubble butt. I couldn't help but stare at her ass the entire time she was changing, trying to do the "no, no, really I'm looking over THERE." I just hope she didn't notice.

  4. WOW. That pretty much sums up why I don't / can't date girls... if I'm attracted to her, then there's NO WAY I could get past my own inferiority complex.

  5. oh my god i know what you mean! indian girls are so beautiful have you seen a movie called "saawariya"? its a hindi musical and the women are absolutely stunning.


  6. Woah,Congrats!

    I'm constantly making a fool of myself
    by falling or tripping over something
    I have very bad balance,no worrys though.