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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Boyfriend named Concrete

I've started trying to run the full 5k everytime I'm on the treadmill at the gym. And I tend to gravitate to the treadmill everytime I'm at the gym. I know you need to change things up, so today I decided to still run, but instead of doing the 3.25 miles or what have you, I decided to increase my speed and see if I could run a mile at 5.5 instead of 4.5mph (I'm still very slow, I know). I managed to get to the full mile, then increased it to 6.5 for another two laps. Spent a while cooling off, then did the stair climber for thirty minutes. Some ab work outs, leg work outs, and when I went onto the pull up assist machine, I set it for an assistance of 70lbs (my weak ass can't do a full pull up yet XD) and then I grasped on....


....felt the burn radiating along my arms. Shooting like it should, but something more...something vision sparked. I lowered down...

...back up....

....everything went black.

Luckily it wasn't a full out "oh, hello floor, let me give you a giant hug!" fainting spell style black out. It was more of a "Wow, the world really does move! Hey...wait...where'd my eyes go?" sort of black out, where I managed to have the presence of mind to drop the chin up bars above my head and grab onto the support beams at the side of it before I collapsed. I kept myself upright long enough for my vision to return to normal, slowly stepped off, and proceeded to introduce my ass to the floor and promptly discovered that I have a greatly reduced amount of butt-fat, because it hurt far more than it used to heavily sit down. I think my tailbone cracked.

Anyway, I'd rather have a bruised tailbone than a public makeout session with dirty concrete.

I didn't feel like I pushed myself that hard. I wasn't there for a full two hours, but I know I did push myself harder than usual, because normally, I'm not so SWEATY. But I was absolutely soaked. It felt good, but I think I didn't eat enough complex carbs or something, because when my head cleared enough to walk, I recognized that cold-hand-and-feet feeling that comes from low blood sugar.


Paid off, though.
I got home from the gym and weighed myself.
I was at 132.6. New low. Let's just hope it holds through till morning *Fingers crossed*


And...I don't know.
Try not to have any random love affairs with flooring, yeah?


  1. I think its dehydration because the same thing kept happening to me. First I thought it was because i wasn't eating, but when i went to the gym the other day i hadn't eaten and i took a gatorade and I was fine even though i pushed myself really far. Congrats on the new low! Stay strong.

  2. thank god it wasn't too bad. sounds like you had an amazing workout at the gym though and you pushed yourself pretty hard. congrats on 132.6!

    you stay strong too. :)

  3. I love to have a good workout. it really make me feel good and also the more i do the mor i want to do.
    And i like to work out so hard that i am sweating like a pig because then i feel that i am really doing some kick ass workout and the fat is melting off.
    keep it strong

  4. I kiss the floor all the time... I just wish it was from a nice long workout rather than having no balance lol At least you made it through and hit a weight low, good job!

  5. You're amazing. Just to let you know. Haha... I really enjoyed this post for some reason, although fainting is never a good thing. o.O?

    Be safe, girlie! I fainted once on concrete and the ambulance bill was INTENSE. Not good. lol

    Much love! Your workouts are inspiring, I hate the treadmill. <3

  6. At least you fall over from too much exercise, I fall over because I'm a drunk!
    Nice tip though. "Try not to have any random love affairs with flooring" ..

    Good to see you doing well.


  7. Glad you're okay + yeah to the new low!