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Friday, August 7, 2009


My ipod broke.
This week has been shitty.
And I don't have money to pay for a new one for at least a week or two.
This is the most shitty fucking suck thing in the WORLD.


  1. I totally understand. I am completely dependent on my iEVERYTHING!!

    Stay strong though, don't let it get you down. Just a week or two and BAM! Shiny New iPod!!


  2. my ipod is getting close to breaking. :( hope you get a new one soon. i dont know if i could live without my ipod.

  3. i could tell you to calm down its not the end of the world but i nearly died when i only lost the charge cable for mine for a few days so i completly agree with you

    and this is probably a useless comment but ill try to help
    maybe you could use your phone for music or ask around and see if anybody has a spare/old mp3 player they could lend you?


  4. : ( I'm sorry. I hope your weekend is good! <3

  5. aww :/
    im sorry. mine broke too like in the beginning of summer and my life has been an empty void ever since :/

  6. sorry to hear about your ipod, I know I have to have music drowning out my thoughts at least 75% of the time (I figure the remaining percentage is covered by my 3 year old, plus)

  7. :( What's wrong with it? Know any tech saavy friends who can fix it... sometimes it's not a big problem.

    Stupid ipods have expiration dates that are shorter than the shelf life of milk cartons.

  8. I would probably have a nervous breakdown if my mp3 player broke. It gets me through the really tough runs.