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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Horrible, horrible videos

Prepare your stomach.

For starters; Borris - thank you so much for the comment you left. It meant a lot to me ♥
And everyone else, you know I adore you all, too!

Okay, I found three videos I have to share with you guys. They...freak me out a little ^^;


Great motivation to not eat.

Also, for some reason, I keep thinking when I go to step on the scale, "It'll probably be at 158.6" instead of "138.6". Because I guess my mind forgets that I am this low, or equates my frustration and self loathing with when I was 20 pounds heavier. And while I know there has to be a difference, I don't really see it.

Anyway. There was a trainer who flirted with me at the gym and asked me out to dinner. It's a guy. I told him so long as it was just as friends, and he said yes. But yesterday, he called me while I was sick and after I had taken an ambien, nyquil, and some prozac (and still I barely slept more than three insomnia is getting seriously out of hand) and he told me, "I know you're really struggling with losing weight. I see you there all the time, you know? So instead of dinner, how about I give you some complementary sessions, and we can hang out after, you know?"

I told him sure. Who am I to turn down free sessions? XD


  1. ... I think I just threw up a little in the back of my throat. Grrooossss.

    Free sessions? Lucky!!

    Stay strong!

  2. Oh, the horror!!!!!!

    As for the free training... YEAH!!!!!

  3. Oh my god, that is so gross! I don't feel like eating at all, so it does work.

    You're so lucky, free sessions!


  4. oh that discusting!
    and the free training, yesss!

  5. I feel sick.

    Woop! high 5 for free sessions!! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing!?!??!! That second one was like a car wreck in slow motion, you just can believe it's happening !!!

  7. I cannot fathom how someone's body (obese or not) can take such a strange shape! I'm talking about the workout one. I mean, oh my God.
    And how can people post such revolting and ghastly videos in the first place?!???

    Lol I know this is a bit off subject of the hot-professor thing, but when you said you had a sort of maternal feeling towards him it reminded me of how I used to think my 8-year-old brother was so cut I wanted to eat him. But of course I wouldn't eat him, because he'd be too fattening.

    Ooh, how was your date? He sounds so observant and sensitive :]