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Monday, August 24, 2009


I eat so much.

This month of eating normal has reminded me just how much a "normal person" needs to eat. I've wasted so much money on food. I can't afford to eat normal.

The weight sticks to me. I vacillate between 135-137, and it refuses to budge. An irritating number on the scale that, yes, is so very much lower than my last major plateau (for those of you who read and recall my Demonic Possession of what I know call Hell - the name for my old scale - my plateau was at exactly 166.6 for 6 days...), it is still a major plateau. And much longer than that one lasted.

My body is clinging to it. I have no doubt. When you reach a weight lower than what you have been at for a very, very long time (perhaps ever in your adult life) your body struggles to keep the weight to itself. It's...a bitch, to put it in the kindest possible terms.

And if it were a real bitch - being a living female - I would don a wife beater stained with beer and mustard, take it to a trailer park, and beat it in a meth and Budlight fueled frenzy for interrupting my NASCAR race.

Or something.

Class went well.

Nobody recognized me.

Strange, isn't it? I mean, yes, I cut my hair. Well, I cut my bangs actually, thanks to you girls (and boys) who read this. I dyed it darker than it was, and I also lost 50lb's since any of them last saw me. D, a girl who was my old lab partner, stared at me for a full ten minutes before realizing who I was. My teacher, even, took a few minutes to register my name when she asked if I had done something different. I told her, "I lost weight" and her eyes got wide and she goes, "...Pretty?" Of course, Pretty not being the name she called me, but because my name on here is PrettyWreck I used that instead...and that was probably an extraneous explanation, wasn't it?

Goodness, I should sleep more than three hours at a time! I might not babble your collective ears (or eyes) off so very much!

Even other people who had been in both my bio and math class were sort of...surprised. It was cool, to realize that it took all of them a good bit to click who I was. And people sat next to me. Like...chose to sit next to me.

And talk to me.

People treat you different when you're not (as) fat. They like you better at first glance. I used to think that wasn't true. But I realize that it is.

Also, I just got pulled away so I forgot partway through what I was writing, but here's me and a girl talking about a guy I used to work with, and how dirty he was. And his STD's.

Pretty: "It may not be the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean...but all that rockin won't count worth a damn when his giant sea crabs pop out and eat you."
E: hahaha
Pretty: XD
E: Hey
E: Don't judge
Pretty: XD
E: Some people want to be eaten
Pretty: I know, I know
Pretty: some people like their crabs
Pretty: they name them
Pretty: This ones Sparky, and that one is Estaban.
E: Sebastian
E: Oh, and there's Garfunkle
Pretty: And can't forget Esther.
E: But Esther's a loner
E: Being the only girl crab
Pretty: Very sad
Pretty: (Though there's rumor she's not really a girl)
E: Hm
E: Tranny crab?
Pretty: (Yes. Too many chin hairs, though they're actual tips that have stuck to her after shedding off of the wild forests on the isle of Nappytus Pube)

The end.


  1. You are awesome! Thats it. Thats all I have to say. The beginning of the post I was like "Lol" by the end I was like "ROFLMAO!! XDDD" This convo reminds me of how me and this girl I used to go to junior high school acted. Our teachers hated us. Lol. And you're right about people treating you different when you lose weight. Although for some apparent reason people don't seem to like to approach me. I think I may have a mean face. Its not intentional. Definately need to work on that.

    Anyway, rambling. But enjoy your new found popularity. =D

  2. "And if it were a real bitch - being a living female - I would don a wife beater stained with beer and mustard, take it to a trailer park, and beat it in a meth and Budlight fueled frenzy for interrupting my NASCAR race."

    lol. funny.

    BTW. Thanks for being my first follower!
    Also, hang in there, I'm rooting for you. =)

  3. I also have realized, that once you lose weight or are even skinny in general, you get lots more good attention than you would if you were a little chubbier.

    stay strong.

  4. That's so true-- being overweight really does make you invisible. If only we knew why...

    Congratulations on having a much lower plateau-- that actually makes it easier to lose more weight when you start restricting again :)