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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love the post-period after burn. Gonna try and ride this down as low as I can before the inevitable plateau here in about a week or two.

Breakfast today: 2/10's of an apple, Mega-T Green Tea pills, black coffee, three sips orange juice, and water.

I've stopped eating breakfast for the most part. Up at 6am, and I don't touch food until about 4 or 5pm.
If I do eat anything, it's usually a couple bites of fruit (three slices of a whole strawberry with a touch of low calorie cream, part of a mandarin orange, part of an apple), or else just a coffee with some 15 calorie cocoa in it (this is not the coffee I drink with the fruit, but in place of the fruit). Today is an anomalie, to have apple slices with something as heavy as PB, but I woke up starving, and nothing else would sate. I figure it's better than binging on high cal protein bars at work.
Although, I find it odd that I now consider this to be a big meal to start the day with... Hm.

I find if I eat less in the morning, and center most of my food right before I get home from work, I'm actually less likely to binge at night. I've been cutting back on that drastically. Though I'm still guilty of winding up with a spoon in the peanutbutter jar with the hershey's chocolate chips next to me. I can stop after just a teaspoon full or two of the deadly, fattening combo, rather than the whole fucking lot of them. And I've started to adjust my intake so that it doesn't push me severely over my limit. Yesterday I got to about 900 after the peanutbutter thing, which is acceptable, considering 1000 tends to be the limit.

Sometimes, looking at my breakfasts, I wonder what it would be like if I went onto Supersize VS Superskinny, and how someone would react to my diet. Then I think of myself on some supersized diet, and I nearly hyperventilate.
Funny, how just the thought is enough to cause that much fear.

Anyway, off to go get ready. I have a client today!



  1. Well done you sound like your doing amazing. You are a real inspiration.I wish I could stop my binges after a mouthful or two. and that it is all under 1000...your doing sooo well. Keep it up.

    Best wished...

    x Evie x

  2. I LOVE supersize vs superskinny!!! ^-^