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Friday, May 28, 2010

Apparently I'm a bear.

I am a bear.
Apparently, from the Southern Hemisphere, for I am preparing for winter by eating my weight in bad food.

I'm nearing my period. I think I'm supposed to be hitting it today, because I really am that fucking tired.

I actually went COED. Went to 711, grabbed four cookies, a hot dog, and a big gulp of pepsi. Ate one cookie, and threw the other out the window on the way home, then hid the evidence. Had to stop myself from pulling over and eating ALL OF IT so no one would see me coming in with it to my house. But...I'm not falling into those habits again.

Need to stop eating.
Just so damn tired, blah.
Oh well.
I've been having PMS for the past week. If I don't start bleeding today, someone is getting shanked in the face.


  1. knowww the feeling. i was mood-swinging wickedly all over the place. it was a total relief when i fucking saw red today xD
    as it was i'm pretty sure i did hit a couple people .. haha

  2. Mood swings are the worst. I'm sorry hun. Hang in there. <3

  3. shanked lol.

    good luck you rock. rarrr. now stop being a bear in a bad way and be a bear in a good way;
    -you can scare people
    -you are renowned for your hugs
    -you have awesome fighting skills
    -you can climb trees
    -you're very tall
    -you don't need clothes because you have awesome fur.

    how great. i wish i were a bear.

    much love.