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Monday, May 10, 2010

Need to know

To do tonight:
Throw out bag with wayward electronics.
Try to put away laundry.

Dear followers:
Do any of you live on the West Coast of the USA? Maybe in the SoCal/SoNV/NorthAZ area?


  1. Noo, I live in Texas but I WISH I lived in Cali:)

  2. Yeppers... La Mesa, San Diego.

  3. yes, i live in so cal! Why?

  4. I live near San Francisco, though I don't think that's considered SoCal.

  5. I live in CO. Not quite the west coast, but a hop skip and a jump away from NV.

  6. i live in cali, the bay area to be precise, 5-8 hours away depending how psychotic you are on the 5. why?