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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Skinny Love: Have you ever heard of Manchester Orchestra? I was listening to songs from their new Album, and watching one of the videos, and one reminded me of you. You had put up a post that you deleted (I believe), and I saw part of it. But yeah, it's called "The Only One" by Manchester Orchestra.


margeurite: Thank you for your words. Your support makes me happy--I know it should seem like a lot, but it doesn't feel like it. I know if it were someone else, I would be happy for them, but we all tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone else is. It's part of living in our own heads.


So tomorrow I go to the doctor instead of class. I'm going to visit my math teacher on Wednesday with a note and tell her that I pulled my arm before I actually did it, so I can get an extension on our latest quiz. By Saturday I should have a script for my ADD meds, but I think my last swing is coming down a bit. I'm feeling more focused, and was able to actually write a paper yesterday without going nuts from a need for distraction. I've also laid heavily off the caffeinne, though, so that could have something to do with it.

Today is, for food, not a good day. I put the scale away, and I had Taco Bell. It was part of a way of keeping up appearances, I guess. One of the guys on the shift before mine made a joke about not seeing me eat, ever (we see each other sometimes during the day, and I no longer have food while waiting for class to start, or come into work with breakfast), and that I've lost a lot of weight and have probably "gone to the anorexics". So I brought in Taco Bell and ate two soft tacos. The calories in those things are killer, so I'm not eating anything else, but I needed to do it, because jokes become suspicion soon enough. So I'm going to try to make sure they all see me eating at some point--even if it's nothing big, but like grapes or crackers.

I'm not letting myself be angry at me for it. I was super depressed from it earlier. I also felt sick as a dog. It's been forever since I've eaten that much food in one sitting. I almost threw up just from the weight of it in my stomach.

I found some cool songs though. I'll make some ring tones out of them and post up links for anyone interested, probably some time this weekend :3 If I can find a good place to host them, I mean.


  1. You're welcome. :3 I know what you mean; I'm always my harshest critic. It's hard to be objective when the things that are wrong with you seem so obvious and you can't see why no one else sees it too.

    Omg, Taco Bell is killer tasty. When I first started trying to loose weight, I had two hard tacos but I felt awful about them when I looked up the cals. I don't blame you for eating those tacos. It served a purpose.

  2. Yes, I have!
    I discovered them while browsing Kings of Leon videos on YouTube.

    Don't fret over the Taco Bell. I had so many snacks after I gave blood today...thank God I had lettuce and a tomato for lunch!