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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

First off: THANK YOU to all the new followers and all the congrats! I'll be catching up on all blogs and followers later, BUT, it's finals, so I'm going to be slow, and today...well...heed the rant XD

Ugh ugh ugh. I was doing SO WELL. Today when I woke up, I had lost so much, and then now? NOW? Now I can't stop stuffing my face.

I know it's because I didn't eat anything all day, and now I have a headache. Normally, I try to eat my majority of my calories when I first wake up, for breakfast. That way I have all the nutrients that I need to get going, I don't get a headache, and I don't binge later on.

I forgot to bring food for work. I literally didn't eat anything until I met up with my presentation partner for our bio class after like, 13 hours.

At iHop.

I managed to just get eggs and toast, but it came with hashbrowns. I didn't eat all o fthem, but I ate all of the eggs and both pieces of toast. Then I got to class, where our teacher brought some sort of Middle Eastern food (some fried thing with a weird meat mixture inside that was super spicy) and I had half of one of those, and four doritos chips, and three bites of cake (I gave it to the guy sitting next to me), but I swear to god I had to have had at least 800 or 900 calories and I am so scared to weigh myself tomorrow and my head hurts so bad.

I have to wait to go to bed because I need to pick up some migraine meds or else I'm going to be terrible at work and then review for math tomorrow.

And Friday night is the pride party. Which I don't even think I want to go to. I just feel terrible right now and can't believe I ate that much in such a short time.

Ugh ugh ugh.

I hate migraines. I want to curl up with some mineral ice and migraine meds and hide my eyes and just cry. I can't even see out of my right eye anymore. Why the fuck didn't I eat before work? I would have been fine with even some peanut butter and crackers.



Picture related: If I keep eating like a pig, I will never be this ^


  1. DUDE I'm so sorry. Migraines are awful business. Gotta say thank you for the EPIC comment; it gave me a good giggle.

  2. Ugh, I know what you mean with the migraines. If I'm not careful I wind up with a monster bitch... and often even when I am careful. It sucks, so I feel your pain *hugs*

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Today seems to have been a bad day for so many people, it's weird.

    Anyway, I'm sure you can do it and wishing you all the best. Stay strong, doll.

    Vee xox

  3. 800 or 900 is nothing to get upset about, darling. And. Spicy Middle Eastern food. ;-; I'm sorry about your migraines! If you were here, I would totally give you all the hydrocodrone they gave me when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I only took one because I didn't like the weird trip they gave me.

    Keep fighting the good fight~

  4. Was the Middle Eastern thing triangle-shaped. And possibly called a samosa?

    Damn those migraines! I get 'em too.

    Even if today sucked, just know how marvellously far you've already gotten. You'll be okay.