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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Breakfast: Slimfast (180 calories)
Lunch: Water
Dinner: 1 cinammon bagel with cream cheese, wheat thins, and rice cakes (150 calories)
Snack: Fake crab meat (40 calories)

Total: 370
Burned at the Gym: ~400

I think I did good today. I also went to the doctor and got prescribed a form of Ritalin. I'll post up the exact name of it later. He said one of the major side effects is weight loss (YAY!) and I was like, "It...won't be unhealthy, will it?" And he goes, "No, just don't abuse it."

I'm pleased.

I lost another pound when I weighed myself at the gym. Actually, about 1.2 pounds. Now if that holds over when I wake up? I will be so fucking happy. I NEED to lose five pounds by this upcoming Friday. And tonight (when I wake up) I'm getting steak with a friend. I try to have meals every few days, or at least something that's satisfying, so I avoid binges. (I'll eat 900 calories tops in a day, instead of 2000.) When I do have my meals, I make sure to do it with people present so they don't get suspicious.

But I'm worried about the steak. I told him my appetite has shrunk since I've been dieting, and that I'll probably only eat part of it. He seemed okay with that, and he's not the sort of person to generally question me anything. I think if I were straight, I would probably be in love with him :3

Still, I'll only eat a little bit, and I'll make sure to go to the gym afterward. And I'll stay as low as I can for the next week to get those pounds off ♥


  1. thanks for the comment hun.
    i just need to get it together
    where are you from?

  2. I don't want to burst you bubble, but just a bagel alone is about 370 to 400cals. With cream cheese its a lot higher. Just letting you knoe for future reference. =]