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Monday, April 20, 2009

So Said Ana To Me

I see her face in the form of my belly
an aching entity spelling out EDNOS with her jagged teeth.
She writhes and twists inside of me--
--a burning fire, contracting, flaming--
--obscured by pains of hunger and this
living demon growing in me I--

--hear her name.
My strange pregnancy
so titled "Ana."

She is...
Skillful and quiet.
Thin and sublime and when she
emerges from my mouth in my hunger hallucinations
she feels like bones and perfection slipping out of me.
She is a skeleton
and barely taped on flesh.
Fingers linger, long and spindly--demonic and terrifying
and everything I
but secretly so wish I could be.
When she opens her mouth to speak there are no words--
--the hunger has turned her tongue to dust.
Her flesh is as brittle as dry leaves,
her body as morbidly beautiful
as a decaying sun.

Hanging from my open mouth she clasps her palms
like razor sharp scales of a fish's back tight
over my eyes and says without a voice--
with only the rustling leaves of her skin for sound...
"Feed on me.
Feed on my dust and leaves and my
Feed on me,
and I will make you complete."
So said Ana to Me.


  1. Did you...write this?

    It's more than beautiful.

    When you asked me "why seven times?" what were you referring to? Eheheh...I've forgotten.

  2. *Skinny Love, yeah I did! I tend to write when I can't sleep :3

  3. You are very talented - love this!

  4. This is amazing. O: What else can I say?

  5. This is an old post, but I only just discovered your blog.
    And I just read this.
    It's completely, totally, gorgeously beautiful. Like, wow. It's amazing. <3