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Thursday, November 26, 2009

BMI Goals; Sizing Goals; Weight Goals

I have weight loss landmarks, and I also have BMI landmarks, and sizing landmarks.
So for being 4'11 and 3/4's, here are my BMI landmarks and goal weights.

BMI Goals
Starting 1: 197.8 lb, December 1st, 2008; BMI - 38.9
Starting 2: 187 lb, April 1, 2009; BMI - 36.8
Current: 124.8 lb, November 25, 2009; BMI - 24.8

•121.6 lb; BMI - 23.9
•116.5 lb; BMI - 22.9
•111.4 lb; BMI - 21.9
•106.3 lb; BMI - 20.9
•103 lb; BMI - 20.3

And MAYBE if I still feel chubby at 103, then...
100 lb; BMI - 19.7

Sizing Goals:
(Using conversion charts from the internet--might be wrong! I use US sizing since...I'm in the US XD)

Starting 1: 197.8 lb, December 1st, 2008; Size US 20 - UK 24
Starting 2: 187 lb, April 1, 2009; US 18 - UK 22
Current: 124.8 lb, November 25, 2009; US 6 - UK 10

I lose 1 dress size every 5.12 lb's according to the average (Amount lost / Dress sizes lost).
I think as I start toning up when I get closer to my goal, while the weight may be "heavier" because of some muscle (a pound or two more, maybe?) that I'll be flatter. If that makes sense. The fat weight will be replaced more with muscle weight.

I've been fitting a size 6 since I was around 129, so we'll start there.
I'm doing every number, since it depends on the designer if they use even's or odd's to label their clothing sizes.
NOTE: Thanks to throughraindrops for the correction in sizing differences!

•129 lbs; US size 6 / UK size 10
•123.88 lbs; US size 5 / UK size 9
•118.76 lbs; US size 4 / UK size 8
•113.64 lbs; US size 3 / UK size 7
•108.52 lbs; US size 2 / UK size 6
•103.4 lbs; US size 1 / UK size 5

•100-103 lbs; size 0 / UK size 4 (I know the math is off, but I think that by toning and firming, I'll be able to achieve it.)

Size estimates are very rough, since it depends on weight in muscle gained/lost, and sometimes according to my pen and ink journal, I've dropped a size in 3 pounds, and other times, 8 pounds, depending on what I do in regards to exercise.

Landmarks and Rewards
These are my goals now, altered to coincide with the above goals. They're still pretty much the same as before, but the rewards now are linked to when major landmarks are reached instead.
GG means General Goal
LM-BMI means "Landmark - BMI", meaning I've dropped a point on the BMI range.
LM-S is for only if I should have dropped a size. Rarely planned big rewards for these, since it's just a general map for size changes
Not all have rewards yet, since i figure some will change and I can choose what I want the closer I get.

• 123 lbs ; LM-S - New sports bra/bras ; if size change, new pair of dark blue jeans.
• 121 - 121.6 lbs; LM-BMI - UnderArmor Top, all seasons
• 119 lbs; GG - Pedicure
• 117 lbs; LM-S - No general reward as of yet; if size change, potential new pair of slacks
• 115 lbs; LM-BMI - Second UA Top, look into all seasons, compression (if available) OR Reebok Easy Tone Shoes.
• 113-113.64 lbs ; LM-S - No general reward as of yet; if size change, UA compression shorts.
• 111 - 111.4 lbs; LM-BMI - No major reward as of yet
• 109 lbs; GG - No reward as of yet.
• 107 lbs; LM-S - if size change, potential new jeans ; no general reward as of yet
• 105 lbs; LM-BMI - Shopping spree-socks?
• 100-103; FINAL GOAL! If able to maintain for 2 weeks without significant gain or struggle (meaning, no going over 103.9, avoiding major binges, etc., and being at the 100-103 range consistently through out the two weeks), then a weekend in a hotel with an hour (or longer) massage, and some new work out gear (either more medicine balls, a weight set, rubber band set, clothing, whatever I need at that point).

If I decide to go any lower than these, then that'll be the choice then. For now, I'm sticking with this range until I reach the 100-103 lb range, and then decide if it's too high/too low. I figure that since I'm actually getting close, and i have a terrible habit of sputtering out of motivation when I reach that point, I need the landmarks and reminders to keep me motivated. Little tiny finish lines, in a sense, at least when it comes to the BMI portion :3


  1. uk sizes are actually 4 more than than us it used to be 2, but our 4 is your zero so size 6 us is a 10uk

    that was some really interesting maths i really enjoyed this post

  2. you're so organized!

    I love the way you have everything planned out. it's inspiring :)

    keep up the awesome work!

  3. They sorry I haven't been around, this was a great post for me to get caught up on :)

    I love how methodical you are.

    I've never had any doubts, and I feel like I'm just a little bird perched on your shoulder watching this awesome journey!

    All my affection.

  4. I too am a "shorty" trying to lose weight. I'm around 5 feet tall and I am also trying to get around 103 and for a good BMI!
    I love reading other's blogs with almost the same height as me, it's somewhat easier to compare and relate too.
    I have never thought about rewards for hitting goals and it's a good idea! I think I may make some up for myself as well.
    I really like the weekend in a hotel idea, massage kind of thing!
    I would love that! I may have to add that in for myself! :)
    Best wishes!

  5. Oh and also - love the "shopping spree-socks?"
    Socks??? as a reward! love it!
    I need to go back through a few people's blogs.. how many of us "shoties" are there? I don't think I remember who else is.. I lose track.. we need a shorty club.. Do you think it's harder for short people to lose? I wonder if there is a difference? I'm sure maybe not.. but who knows!