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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hospitalization and a Picture of ME

Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital.
Let me just tell you - it SUCKED.
Just so you all know, it had nothing to do with my restricting. Instead, I wound up getting this unbelievably explosive pain in my abdomen around 1pm (about an hour after i'm supposed to go to bed, but I couldn't sleep for some reason) and tried to sleep it off, finally passing out around 2. 2 hours later, I woke up in such severe pain I couldn't even breathe. I literally crawled to the bathroom, thinking I was going to be sick, and wound up laying there on the floor until my stepmom found me. She nearly had to carry me out. We got in, and her and a guard got me in a wheelchair, and yeah. Wound up going through massive tests, all to come to the most brilliant, shocking conclusion of....

...nothing. Absolutely nothing. They didn't even give me any pain meds until AFTER I was about to leave.

It wasn't too long - about 3 hours - but those 3 hours were painful and horrible. They think it could be my appendix, but nothing showed up on the MRI. The pain has calmed down muchly, but it's still there, and if it flares up bad again and/or worsens, then I have to go back ASAP, because sometimes, early stage appendicitis doesn't show up. Personally, I think a cyst ruptured or something, because my ovaries are filled with hateful things battling my eggs, which are actually each little personifications of the anti-christ. (It's the only explanation on how such a tiny, half celled, half human being THING that doesn't even possess a full chromosome, can cause me so much god damned pain and money. These bastards in me will NEVER be fertilized.)

So I got home, passed out after the double dose of perkosets kicked in, and woke up a bit later to lay on the tile floor and let the coolness chill out my body. Then I got bored when my parents left, took more pain killers, played with my make up, and did my hair, and took some pictures. I was trying to do the 50's "We Can Do It!" poster look, but a slight spin on's the pic (Only up for like, 24 hours! GET YO FILL!)


Now I'm sitting here feeling better, but still hurting, and harassing the hell out of my dog, wishing I felt good enough to go to the gym, because I'm BORED.

I need to go study, but adderall + oxy = terrible attention span and a confused energy level. My body doesn't know whether to be wired or wiped.


Also, down to 128.6. No exercise, just pure restricting. I love when things work.



  1. you look gorgeous huni- wish i had as much confidence as u to show myself but unfortunately im still FAT! ur hard work is paying off. ur my new inspiration to restrict restrict restrict. x

  2. ps. hope ur feeling much better u poor thing!

  3. Yay!

    My pretty pretty Prettywreck! Have been imagining what you look like for far too long.

    And I think you got the hair spot on :)


  4. you look beautiful,
    I hope you feel okay!

  5. you are very beautiful, love your pose!

  6. Waaah! You're TOO pretty! I'm so jealous. XD

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. jeez you're a very sweet girl to look at :)

    But I'm sorry you had such a rough night... Good you're feeling better honey...


  8. You do look gorgeous. :)
    Congrats on lower numbers!!

  9. You look so beautiful! And I'm loving the expression on your face :)

    By the way, your description of eggs being little personifications of the anti-christ is absolutely brilliant.

    Have fun with the percocets and feel better soon :) I hope it's nothing more serious than.. well, nothing, as the doctors said.

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon! Maybe it was a cyst? I have had them before on my right ovary and they are a bitch! I've been to the ER quite a few times with them and they've done nasty internal ultra sounds that show them - EW!
    Anyhow, LOVE the photo! Very pretty! :)

  11. You look great!
    When i saw hospitalization, i was rate worried! Hope they manage to draw a conclusion from it all, and everything comes out okay.
    And well done on the loss!
    You're doing so well.

  12. You really are adorable. It's a bit more pin-up girl than Rosie, but I like it.