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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Operation: FYT

Operation: Fuck You Turkey (FYT)
Goal: Lose 1 more pound by the end of November
Starting Weight: 125.6
Goal for December 1: 124.6
Big Hurdle: Don't get caught in your ED on Thanksgiving (we're celebrating it Friday at my house).
My method around it: Fill up plate with lots of different foods, pick at it, fill up mostly on veggies and "safe" foods. Hit the gym for a two hour horror fest of cardio and then an hour worth of weights to burn off approx. 1500kcal.
Crack down rest of month (last remaining 3 days) to ensure weight comes off.

I'm worried. I hate setting goals. It almost is a sure thing that I won't hit them. But...the name sounds awesome! FYT! FUCK YOU TURKEY!


I just did 3 1/2 hours at the gym. 2 hours of cardio, 40 minutes of weights, and the rest of that was spent stretching or staring blankly at things when it literally took too much effort to move.
But I had 900 calories before I went. And I still need to eat a little something before bed to stop the migraine that can come if I don't.
I burned about 1036 calories on cardio, and maybe 150-200 on weights?
I'm hoping this translates to a good day on the scale tomorrow.
I've been binging too much.

Now i just want to sleep.

It's just one day like the rest. If you do have to eat, remember to eat slow, chew 25 times before swallowing, and take a sip of water every 2 bites (every 1 bite tends to look suspicious) and try to talk while you eat, so you eat slower and feel fuller faster. Stay away from liquor, because it KILLS your calorie intake and will undo all your hard work! Try club soda or diet sodas to fill you with the fizziness! And if you HAVE TO EAT SWEETS
PUMPKIN PIE is LESS CALORIES than any of the cakes or other pies!
SWEET POTATOES with Marshmallows is over 100 cals LESS than traditional mashed potatos!
White meat on a turkey is OVER 100 cals less than the dark meat!
And canned cranberry sauce is deadly on the calorie amounts!

REMEMBER it's JUST another day! YOU CAN DO IT!
I hope for updates come Thursday, and you'll get one after our celebration on friday.



  1. OMG! I wish I could exercise as much as you do! WOW.. you are my new inspo on exercise... I promise myself I will use my gym membership when I get home!!! I have a whole hour and a half each day before my little one gets home and I am GOING to the gym!

    Good for you!! Good luck with Turkey Day, I'm keeping your tips in mind! It's SO true! It's just another day!

  2. wow, serious willpower for exercise, I wish I had that :( I like the name of your plan, and the idea! and thanks for all the tips at the end!
    good luck with your plan! x

  3. waaaaaaa i miss having that much time to exercise if only i had a job to get a gym membership... maybe i should get a job at a gym??
    i miss weight training class in school so much. im definitely taking it next semester.
    as for right now, im going to make it a point to do some form of exercise every single night from now until the end of november. for at least an hour.
    not as awesome or as hardcore as you are, but for me, this will be amazing. and your blog is going to help me stick to it :]]]
    thank you so much. this was the inspiration i needed.
    stay strong <333

  4. You are the girl that makes me afraid to join the gym. How could I ever live up to that? You must have the most amazing stamina. I am infinitely jealous.