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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting on Track, one step at a time.

Diet hot cocoa. Best way to calm a craving when the sweets are calling.

25 calories. Throw in a little bit of cinnamon for that extra twist.... I'm currently sipping it, smirking at the left over Halloween candy bowl. I have defeated it. I win.

I'm at 768 calories today, if I count my glass of milk. I tend to let myself have 1 glass of milk that I don't count. Anything beyond that, I do. Because milk has the protein and Vitamin D and the other good stuff that make it so I don't get sick while restricting. If you don't count the milk, I'm at 678 calories. I did over 2 hours at the gym, and burned over 1000 on the cardio machines before going to do weights. All together, I'm at a pretty damn good calorie deficiency for the day.

Which is especially good, considering I pulled the muscles in my neck yesterday, and it's been sucking ever since.

I'm happy with how today's gone. Tomorrow is another story, and one I'll just have to work on when it comes. Just one day at a time, one step at a time. I can't think beyond that.
Just keep working. Just keep staying strong.

Stay hungry.


  1. woaw... Congrats :)

    You have willpower like steel!

  2. Ha, my halloween bowl's still downstairs, i daren't have it within reach of my laptop, bed, or sofa.

    Hope tomorrow goes as well as today!

  3. Cocoa is the best!
    I just bought some plain unsweetened cocoa to put in milk. It definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings at only 10 cal!
    And diet hot chocolate is the way to go- over 100 calories in regular mix wtf!

  4. You follow the same exercise regime as me!*claps hands* =D
    Keep up the good work, dear.<3

  5. Well done dear!
    Did you know you inspired me the other day? It was magical!
    Much love.