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Monday, December 7, 2009

Before/After Pics Like Promised

Okay, so, top picture isn't me, but it's there because I don't want my ugly fat ass to be the one you guys see on your blog roll.
So, the first one is me, not even at my highest weight, back in like...2005? That's one that I saw, and was like, "Holy fuck, why didn't anyone tell me I was getting that fat?" That shirt, after I gained more weight, wouldn't even FIT over my stomach roll. Not it hangs down to my thighs.
The second is a more recent picture of me, still fat as fuck. I need to lose about 22 lbs, maybe 30 still? Notice, though, the angle of the jaw versus the first pic. I still have back rolls, but not nearly as much as when I did before. The sad part is, to be honest, looking at them, I can't even see much of a difference anymore. I'm still fat. I'm still morbidly obese, in my mind. I'm a fucking cow, and yeah. I'm just a cow in smaller clothing.

And now because I'm feeling courageous, these ones won't stay up long.

Here's part of my progress pics. The first is me at a morbid 197. The second is me at still a sickening 126 (about 4.4 lbs ago now). The shape is still gross as fuck. The only difference is that it's gotten a little smaller.
But yeah, the first pic was taken around March or April. When I get down to my goal weight, I'm going to take pictures in a similar pose and put them together. But yeah...right now, I still can't see much of a difference, which fucking sucks.

[These ones baaaahleted]

These pictures will only be up for like...24 hours or something. Especially the bottom ones of me in mah underooooos.

like I said, still a HUGE amount of work to do, and a lot to lose, but i promised them to you guys, and you can sorta see, I'm really not that much of an inspiration yet, because I'm still really big and really gross, but I promise all of you that I will be, and I'll show you all, and make all of you super, super proud ♥


  1. oh. my. god.
    you are amazing!
    look how far you've come!!
    oh truly inspiring my dear.

  2. Just keep going! This IS thinspiration because it's real. Your real progress.

  3. gosh. you look gorgeous in that red top!!! and you've come so, so far!!
    if this isnt inspiring then i dont know what is! you are so strong!

    im going to heed your words about the diet pills and stick with taking one for a little bit longer i think.
    even if its just a few more days... i dont want to ruin the good loss im having, thats for sure!

    xxx love

  4. Oh wow.. simply marvelous :D You are doing such an amazing job. No one can doubt how inspiring you are for what you have accomplished.

    I love how you're not complacent with what you've achieved, how you're still driven to be better. Never settle for less than that :)

  5. amazing!! & you thought I was someone to look up to, you are incredible!

    I get the agony over not seeing the difference, good luck with finding a beautiful you in your pictures because that is what you are.

    I'm back on the way down! So, keep up the hard work, I'm not going to be far behind you for long! ;)

  6. Every time I visit your blog, I am reminded of your strength--and it makes me want to try that much harder. If that's not inspiration, I don't know what is! You have come so's so amazing to see your progress.

    (P.S. agree with Fenie: that red top is kick-ass on you)

  7. i cannot believe how far you've come! that is incredible, and I know you'll get to your goal weight soon! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog too, it means a lot to me and theyre packed with info haha.

    so brave of you to put up before and after pics. i have some on my comp but noooo one is going to see those :)

  8. wow! you have a come so far! congrats and keep up the good work!

    stay strong!

  9. You look amazing in that red top! (:

    And you definitely ARE an inspiration. You've lost so much weight, even though it might not seem that drastic to you because you see yourself everyday in the mirror.xx

  10. i <3 before and afters. they're always so inspiring. your pictures are no exception :)

  11. totally agree with Salix.
    you have such strength; i heart that about you.

  12. HOleyyy!!! I cannot believe it! That is absolutely and unnaturally spectacular! You have come SOOOO far!!!

  13. Oh... I don't think my comment went through. But you're looking beautiful! And I'm totally stealing your BMI ticker idea... love it!

  14. I know it's hard to see your own progress, but you have changed DRAMATICALLY! You should be proud! You're doing a great job & you will continue to lose!

  15. You are... so incredibly brave, I couldn't ever find the strength to put up undies pictures... fuck, I don't even let The Boyfriend see unless I'm drunk as hell =\ You look absolutely incredible and you've come so far <3 You're literally look about a third of the person you were only eight or nine months ago.

    And yeah, that red top is... something else, you look, if I dare say so, pretty hot in that XD

  16. i think we dont see a difference because we hate out bodies so much how they currently are we cannot possibly imagine that we used to be bigger and so dont see the difference

    but i do see a difference especiaally in the red top you stomach looks flat and this might be odd but i really notice it in your shoulders they look excellent and sculpted

  17. OH MY,
    you truly are an inspiration, I know it may not be clear to you, but look at the figures, the numbers, at how far you've come.
    I think your a true inspiration to everyone here.
    I hope your okay x

  18. GORGEOUS collarbones in the red shirt pic!!! And the jaw line, to die for. Take care of your pretty self dear and get well soon!

  19. Hey there

    you are amazing in my eyes
    i would love to chat to u
    i am a huge 171lbs
    an to see some one going thru the same thing an have been about the same size as me an drop so much its just amazing

    i would love to chat i am just starting
    i used to be thin an now i am fat grrr sooo fat

    email me

    ur gurjuz huni


  20. You are doing so well! If that is not thinspiration, I don't know what is. You may not see the difference, but I definitely can. Your shoulders are looking much more narrow, and you can see your collar bone, and your stomach is so much flatter! Just think how satisfying it will be for you to reach your goal weight and put that pic up with you being so beautifully skinny :) I can't wait to see!!

  21. Dang! You've come so far! You've done really good, it's completely look amazing!
    Major congrats!

  22. Woahhh your amazing

  23. oh I'm SO jealous (in a good way) of your gorgeous bone structure. I'm sad I missed the other pictures :)

  24. I'm embarking on the journey that you are almost ending. From 200(something) to thinsp! Yes I will be THIN! I find that thinspiration and skinny chick blogs are more motivating to me than blogs of people my size. I want to see my end result all the time! Can I ask you a question? At the beginning of your journey how did you control the hunger pains and not wanting to go to the gym? I am really starting to control my eating (1 1/2 weeks in) I now need to get motivated to get to the gym. I've been putting together thinspiration outfits in my closet. Outfits that I can't hardly fit now, but will a year from now. Your blog is encouraging. Good luck!