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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Update

I can't tell you how many attempted updates I've had, but I swear to myself that I'm going to write up this post and click the submit no matter WHAT. I am not getting up from this chair until this entry is done.

So quick recap.
I fucking FAILED. I gained like, 5 pounds last weekend, and then the past two days I've busted ass and got myself back down to 123.6 lb's. So I'm back on restricting and gymming very hard.
Yesterday, I did 30 minutes on a treadclimber at 3.5 mph with varying intensity. Then I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes, and had an extra 15 minutes or so spent in the warm up/cool down phase (walking at a steady pace), so all together, about an hour and 30 minutes worth of hard cardio, burning around 870.7 kcal. Then I did 45 minutes of weights.

I worked out the day before that, also, but not as intensely.
Today is a doctors appointment, and a day off from the gym.

Then I go back on Thursday, and off on Friday (because of another doctors appointment) and I do gym Saturday and Sunday. w00t. I'm going to get this weight off. I want to be 120 lb's by the end of the month.

SO that's my quick update.

I also barely avoided a binge after the gym, because I had a bag of baked potato chips. I had four before realizing what I was doing, and pouring cleaning chemicals into the bag and chucking them in the trash, so I wouldn't be tempted to dig them out of the garbage.

That's all I can think of for now. Sorry it's not interesting or anything.

And *HUGS* to everyone who commented on my last post.
And YellowBrick, I fucking ♥ you. Thank you for what you said. It was very sweet and much needed.

Stay strong, girlies (and boyos).


  1. good job :) you are totally getting back on track!


  2. God, I'm sucking sucking SUCKING at the moment :(

    I can't even manage to put my sneakers on, let alone get into the car and drive to the gym! On the plus side I haven't eaten anything today, but that's just because I'm up to my eyeballs with ritalin and energy drinks. It's hardly sustainable. Shit, I wanted to be 100 lbs by Christmas, but at this rate I would love to make it to 120 by the end of the month too. I feel like I'm barely hanging on at all :(.

    Well done on getting to the gym

  3. claps, good work on destroying those evil chips!

  4. Hello. I am scouring the blogs looking for thinspiration. I'm not even close to my ideal weight but I want to lose 100 pounds in a year. I see in your blog that your HW was 200 and a year later you have almost lost 1/2 of that! Wow! I need to know, at or around 200lbs how did you stop eating? I'm around that area and I'm determine to be skinny. Looking at thinsp blogs are much more inspiring than looking at blogs of people who are overweight. I'm at the beginning of the journey. You're near the end. How did you do it? Thanks!

  5. wow i'm inspired about how you destroyed those chips! that's what i need to do with my entire kitchen.. maybe just set it on fire? yeah. except i don't think my mom would be too happy about that.