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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Damn it, Janet, be a woman and fetch me my slippers!

I slept like
three hours.

I hate not sleeping. I get so hungry so easily when I don't sleep, as so evidenced by the fact that I've eaten like...oh, I don't know, at least 370 calories already? Before my day really even started?

I have to be up for another like...14 hours. going to be hard.

The only thing that bugs me more than not sleeping enough, is not being able to eat on my normal schedule. Once at 10:30pm, once at 3:30am, snack at 5:30, and then small snacks between 7-10am, never exceeding 300 calories (I have about 800-900 a day right now, since I'm trying to control the binge urge, but I need to go lower than that. That's a disgusting amount still).

On a good note, yesterday was the gym. I weighed myself before I worked out, which I always do. It's at the end of my day, so it was AFTER eating and the like. And guess what? Even with my 3500 calorie day a few days ago?
124.3. I actually dragged the weight up to 127 at first expecting the worst, and felt giddy with every notch I had to tap it down. I did a 2.5 mile run, and then did the treadclimber for 40 minutes, and then some awesome arm/leg full body combo's with the weights, and a few general core exercises. When I weighed after, I was at 123.2.

This morning when I woke up?

123 lb's even.


I just hate that I didn't sleep. If I had slept, maybe I would have lost more (since I tend to weigh less when I've had 8 hours--you can burn upwards of 500 kcals in your sleep, you know), and I wouldn't be so fucking hungry.
I'm really afraid of gaining.
Like, deathly.
We all are though. It's why we do this. Or at least, why some of us do. It's a major trait worth noting in a vast majority?
I've lost my groove. Sleep deprivation kills my ability to make logical sentences or form coherent paragraphs.


Tomorrow is grocery shopping.
Hate grocery shopping when tired.
Everything looks delicious.
But I'm outta face cream, dog food, and body wash. So unless I want to fend off my starving dogs with the powerful funk of some righteous BO, shopping is a massive requirement. Damn, but I do despise responbility.

I'm going to be look for a new blog layout. This one is so cyan. (or is that aqua? Blue green? How about kelp. Blue seaweed? OCEAN POT! er....right, that jump in logic was totally off the radar....this is what happens when I don't sleep) and yes. KEMPER IS AMAZING the end.

I don't like to pimp.
But there's someone who comments a lot on me, and I've seen her comment on others, and she's just really sweet and has almost no followers and she's just starting out. So...
YellowBrick is the name she goes by, and she's been really helpful with a lot of the stuff she says, and super sweet, and it makes me sad whenever I go there and she's so wonderful, and yeah. Just doing this because I get such awesome support from everyone, including her, and she's sorta new on the blogger thing and I just want to make sure that she can get a lot of support, too!

THAT AND IT HELPS THAT she's amazing and you sorta wanna squish her head (in that good "OMFG CAN I HUG YOU NOW?!" sorta way) after talking to her and reading some of her stuff.



  1. just make sure you've eaten a small something before you go shopping, that way things will be far less tempting! i never go out food shopping or just regular shopping without having eaten a little something first!
    and have a lovely early night tonight to catch up on that much needed sleep!
    have a lovely warm bath and the tuck yourself up with a hot drink and book =] thats what gets me to have a wonderful nights sleep! a little "me time" is always nice, and you probably need it!
    take care xx

  2. This post title is the lulz!

    Wow, you are doing well and working out like a champ. I'm so glad you are feeling better and hope you get better sleep tonight.

    Congrats on the 123!

  3. Fucking bloody awesome day darling heart, well done! And fear not, I didn't for a second find you condescending. On the contrary, I appreciate every second of your commentary and accolade. You get me, I think I get you too. Knowing that and being reminded of it is more than I could hope for.


  4. I had a similar experience this Monday - thinking the scale would show a scary scary number, & then bumping it down... so nice...
    And I have to buy cat food today, or there will be a CUTE FURRY MUTINY
    Oh noes!

  5. hahaha i effing love your blog. your humorous rambling makes me smile so much because i completely understand and relate to that type of thinking. i abs love spurts of random thought vomit. they are the greatest forms of thought. i will check out YellowBrick's blog :)

    good luck shopping and what not!
    keep up the good work you are doing so well it seems, and stay strong!

    so happy for you!
    SO cool & supportive ^.^
    you're so close; CONGRATS !!!

  7. LOL
    Your blogs always make me laugh my ass off.
    She does seem really sweet.
    Totally following her now.
    [I have a bad habit of randomly pimping out people when im in a weird mood haha]

    I can't sleep anymore either. I highly suggest investing in some melatonin. It helps tons.

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  8. Thanks I love you too... <3 :D