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Friday, December 11, 2009


Surprisingly, I don't have anything to say.
I'm too tired.
Too done.
Last night sucked.
Bagel. Slice of corn bread.
Alllllll gone after eating. Didn't help at all.

Migraines always make me heavy.
but 2 pounds?
124.6 today.
Water weight?

Going to the gym after work.
For now, I'm going to try and make the night go by quicker.

I'm really sick of pretending to be okay, just so people like me. I'm tired. I'm sick. I'm depressed.
I don't want to deal with anyone elses insecurities right now.
I have enough of my own.

Stay strong, babies.
I need the inspiration right now.



  1. facebook is seriously amazing for thinspo..
    and you can do it!
    YOU ARE SO SO SO SO CLOSE to the 110's!!!!

  2. I'm here for you!
    We all have days like this. Just take some time off to re-evaluate what you want ♥


  3. You'll be okay. Keep your head up, stay strong. <3

  4. Wow. You are SO strong. Things are rough...i can tell. But look at you!

    I hope you get better, feel better!

    Stay strong love!

  5. I know what you mean. <3 Stay strong.

  6. The scale is truly evil. Mine is constantly wonky, today I stepped on it and it told me I was 5lbs heavier than the second time I stepped on it. :O

    You are so strong, basically my hero. Feel better! <3

  7. I read your comment and I felt so...well, I don't know what I felt. I feels a bit trite to just say "good" but it's true. I did feel good. I thought wow, what an awesome person. The babbling I don't mind at all. Especially since it was coherent babbling. Thanks, dear. Immediately I felt the urge to check the source of that coherent "babbling". Your blog. Your posts.

    I read your post and I felt - instantly - an urge to find where you are and give you a hug. A real hug. I still feel that urge. I hope you're well. I went through your last few posts (I have a couple left to read) and I thought of how seemingly precarious your experiences are and how at the end of the day you still manage to stay in control.

    I hope you're well and if not, I certainly wish you well. Take care of yourself. Take the time to sit and think and rest. And once you've return to it just keep keeping on. Oh, and kick ass! In the meantime, I'm sending you virtual/digital hugs, like the Facebook variety, but even more sincere.