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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Self Portrat

I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
The eyes of dysmorphia staring back at me.

I drew my reflection.

Picture only up for 24 hours because my face is in it.


The thing around the face is the double chin. The darkness under the eyes the puffiness, and the lines around them the wrinkles. The lines on my breasts are the stretch marks. I didn't draw the grosser female bits because they're too icky and I didn't wanna do that. I left out some of the stretch marks. The marks on my face are the huge pores, and you can't really see the huge ears. Notice how bad my posture is, and how hunched forward it is. Like a fat monstrous ball. With fat hands that are small, but somehow always appear to look like monstrous things no matter what I do with them.
And on the bottom right, it basically says
"Bad Breasts
"Bad Vagina
"Bad Body
"Unworthy of being a woman"

Blurgh....eeeeeeew. Cartoonish, and I know it's over the top to a point, but I feel like it really is accurate no matter how much I try to deny it. Ugh

What do you guys see when you look in the mirror?


  1. Shit. When I look into mirror I see shit.
    But you don't look like shit, and I think that's a really powerfull image. And I can tell, you don't look anything like your drawing, maybe your mirror is broken? You're beautiful, merry christmas ♥

  2. I remember having to make a drawing of myself in therapy once like this... Yuck.. I think the same things, but I know people out there do not think what WE (a lot of us bloggers) think.
    I feel exactly the same about my thighs and upper arms like you have illustrated in the drawing. I may have to make my own again, but I sometimes get angry doing so because no one else understands the way I see things except for us bloggers.
    Thank you for being brave enough to post. I think tonight I'll post some pics, but of a different nature.
    I know it may not mean much, but don't be TOO hard on yourself because you have come SUCH a long way! You are still an inspiration! & your drawing does not do your face justice!

  3. I did one for myself this week. :/.