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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Your Favorites
1. Color: Dunno. It varies, depending on mood.
2. Scent: Oriental Spice sort of things. The warm, spicy, sensual smells
3. Mascara: L'oreal, the kind that that adds on those weird tubes with that white stuff first.
4. Eyeshadow: A very cheap brand that goes on smoother than most designer ones and is a lot prettier, too. I forget the name of it right now.
5. Lip gloss/Lipstick: Deep reds
6. Beauty trick: Lots, mostly involving stuff with eyeshadows, and how to line the eyes with up to six colors, while making it all look pretty still.
7. Song to sing in the car: Nine Inch Nails, Tub Ring, or Nekoromantix (Mostly "Who Killed the Cheerleader?")
8. Song to sing in the shower: Sophie B Hawkins "Mr Tugboat"
9. Model: Marcelina Sowa holds a place in my heart ♥
10. Celebrity crush: Oh good one. Hmm....I'd have to say Gina Torres. Because of Firefly *nods* And that one girl who plays Saffron in it. I forget her name now, but she was the star of that movie Hunger Point (the girl with the red hair?)
11. TV show: Firefly, Criminal Minds, Invader Zim
12. Movie: THIS IS SUCH A TIE. Between: The Boondock Saints, V for Vendetta, Inglorious Bastards, Juno, and Religulous
13. Author: JR Ward.

The Last Thing You...
1. Saw at the movies: I think it was Inglorious Basterds?
2. Bought as a Christmas present: A locket for my girly-face (aka, my girlfriend).
3. Read for fun: Pssh. A manga
4. Watched on TV: Criminal Minds
5. Heard on the radio: Some R&B techno stuff on the way to work. I forget what song it was XD

Right Now, It's
[ ] below zero
[X] just plain cold
[ ] sunny
[ ] snowing
[ ] rainy
[ ] windy
[ ] overcast
[X] late
[ ] early
[ ] afternoon

Your Appearance & Opinions
1. Your Eye color: Varies between blue, gray, and green
2. Your Hair color: Currently black
3. A color you would like to dye your hair someday: I'd like to go back to dark blue, or else add pink streaks to my hair now
4. Name someone who has sexy hair: Katja Shchekina
5. Name someone with pretty eyes: Edyta Zajac
6. Your favorite facial feature: Eyes. Sometimes, my lips.
7. Name someone with the perfect pout: CeCe LaRue (I just totally forgot her new name she's going by :O!)
8. Your least favorite body parts: Uuuh, my whole body? XD Ugly female bits (top and bottom), fat legs, fat arm, fat back, fat butt, fat tummy...uh...fat sides! Fat face, too. I just dislike the fat.
9. Name at least one person who thinks you're attractive: The guy at the chiropractors office
10. The last compliment you received: Guy 1 (in slightly choppy English, he's adorable XD ) "You lost good weight!" Guy 2: "I know. I didn't even recognize her first time I saw her. It looks good on you, you know that?"

Complete the Sentence
I feel sexy when.... my hair is done, my make ups done, I'm in a cute pair of heels, and my stomach is flat from being hungry.
It makes me laugh when boys... find out I'm gay after hitting on me for a while, and they get that downtrodden look.
The funniest joke I've heard recently is... All the recent ones have been bad and cheesy thanks to a certain coworker, so...I can't remember any that were good atm XD
The movie I'm really excited for is... BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY, and Alice in Wonderland
What I want for Xmas is... My bills paid! But my parents are getting a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, so I can finally get some good workout clothes!

You are...
[x] overweight (BMI greater than 25)
[X] considered at a healthy weight (BMI of 18.5-25) (I don't know my weight right now, or my BMI, and while I have been at a healthy range for a while, I feel like I've gained, so I think I'm back above 25 :( )
[ ] underweight (BMI of less than 18.5)
[ ] bulimic
[ ] anorexic
[ ] trying to lose 1-5 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 5-10 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 10-20 lbs.
[x] trying to lose 20-30 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 30+ lbs.
[X] unhappy with your weight/appearance
[ ] at your highest weight currently
[ ] at your lowest weight currently

You have...
[X] lost your virginity
[X] binged
[X] made yourself vomit
[X] abused laxatives
[ ] had more than 5 shots in one night
[X] kissed a girl
[X] smoked cigarettes
[X] smoked pot
[X] done coke/meth/ecstasy/heroin
[X] a tattoo (or plan on getting one)
[ ] piercings in other places besides your ears
[ ] gone skinny dipping
[X] watched porn
[ ] woke up not realizing where you were
[X] walked in on someone having sex


  1. OMG you listen to Tub Ring? I am so in love with Rob! But then again, isn't everyone? Hah. Invalid is on just about every playlist I make.

  2. Haha, I love the looks on guy's faces after I tell them I'm gay. :D

    I feel somehow extrememly close to you now that I know we have a lot in common. I'm glad for this survey because it made me feel less alone on a bad day. <3