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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Low New Low happy dance!

121.6 lb's.

New low!

I think I almost fell off the scale this morning. Which would have been quite the feat. It's not high off the ground, even for me.
But yesterday, I had eaten a full loaf of bread. Not like, a real loaf you buy from the store, but my parents went to this Italian place, and they serve bread there, you know--those round loaf things that have servings for two or three people? And I ate all of it. Because I have NEEDED carbs. Normally when I have problems with dehydration, I crave salt, but salt has made me feel sick, and I've been needing bread.
I didn't eat much beyond that, but bread is always ridic. high in cals, and that had like...olive oil brushed on top. And oil scares the hell out of me. I was so depressed after having eaten that, on top of having to reschedule my stupid PT exam because I'm dumb and didn't study and am sick (But I love Fenie for letting me whine at her on messenger, and for making me feel better. She's my current hero! ♥ ). So yeah...I felt like such a damn pig, and expected to GAIN WEIGHT, but apparently my metabolism is all like "FULL SPEED AHEAD!" because of the overload of a workout last weekend, and the infection and stuff, or at least I assume that's it, and I am SO not complaining. I LIKE WHEN MY SCALE GOES DOWN YESSIREE I DO.

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning). I sort of wish it was with my old doctor, because the last time I saw her in March, I was like...179 lb's. And I'm 121.6 now, and I would love to walk in there, step on the scale, and ask what I always did, "What's my stats?"
Because I always had them tell me my blood pressure, heart rate, and weight.
I'm going to ask this doctor to do a full workup--meaning blood pressure, HR, weight, percent fat, and see if I can schedule a test to get HDL and LDL cholestrol, triglyceride levels, and blood sugar tested. I want to know where I stand right now, so I know what i have to focus on and change. The lower to triglyceride levels, the better chances of a well operating metabolism you have, or something.

And it would just be fun to do.


When I get down more, I'm going to go in to my old doctors for a check up. Just so they can have my updated weight on record there.
It will be AWESOME.

Thank you to everyone for all your awesome and kind words on my last post. I know I'm not anywhere near perfect, but it made me very happy to have all the encouragement. I can't wait until I'm small, and you can see my hip bones and flat tummy and all that, and I can show all of you. I'm so ridiculously anxious to like...make everyone here proud, and show that I can do it. I have a lot of support. It's sort of ridic. I mean...when I see how many followers I have, I get all happy, and I never like to mention it, because it feels like I'd be bragging or something? And I'm sort of baffled as to why I have so many followers, and more than some of the people who I look up to on here as being like...superstars or something XD Or so much better than me. Most of you guys who I talk to, I feel that way about. But anyway.
I feel like I have all these people now who are rooting for me, and at first, I was doing this a lot for my own thing, but now I also feel like I have all of you guys that I'm doing it for, too. And that's more of a motivator than anything.

I want to get down to my goal, so I can prove it can be done, and be worthy of all the followers, and comments, and awesome words. Or at least deserve them or continue to deserve them. I won't let you all down!

Okay, done now!
This post feels narcissistic and stuff.
But I'm tired, and my antibiotics are like, making me woozy. XD WOOT.



  1. Pfffft, you obese? WHATEVER!! You're come so far! I love that red top *wants to steal* XD The doctor is right. You are a delicate sculpture with the inner strength of spiderwebs and pure steel. Look after yourself, ok?

    Oooooh Italian restaurants are EVIL!! SO much pasta and cheese D: Thank GOD there are noo good ones here, lol.

    I'm glad you like the Poi post! Most people use a fuel that burns cool, so if you hit yourself you don't come away with burns. One guy at club WAS showing off some contact staff one night, and set his synthetic top on fire! He was fine, but the shirt burned pretty ^.^ I've NEVER seen anyone strip that fast before or since!

  2. a new low for you! yay! you deserve it!
    well done for working your arse off girl!!! im proud XD

    i loved letting you whine at me on messenger and i hope that there is plenty more whining to come! haha =] its lovely talking to you!


  3. Damn, I'm so jealous of that number! You weigh 9 lbs less than me! I haven't weighed that much since I was... I don't know, 15? That was almost ten years ago.

    Keep it up, hon!

  4. You've come such a long way, dearest. I think you're a superstar!

  5. Congrats!
    *happy dances with you*

  6. Yay! New lows are fantastic! And I am sure you will get even lower. :) I adore your blog to pieces. I love not seeing people in a long time (like doctors) and seeing them and being soo much tinier, and just the looks on their face. It's the best feeling in the world. I love how happy and cutesy this entry was!


  7. You are such inspiration!!! :)
    You can do it, You ARE doing it!!!
    Yea You!!