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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why does eating hurt?

I keep writing.


I made it to 1200 today. I feel sick. I want to make myself sick. But I can't. I need to prove myself that I can be okay.

This is only for 1 month. 30 days. I can do this for thirty days.

This is day 3 of 30.

27 left until I can go back to restricting.

I feel sick. I feel cold. I feel lethargic and exhausted.
I have a migraine. I'm thirsty. So freaking thirsty.

Why does it hurt to eat now?


  1. I'm not sure if it's because of the extreme restricting, or maybe the stomach is just not used to the bulk?
    I am trying to be "ok" for a month for DH this Christmas... I have tried eating like a normal person, but I'm getting terrible stomach pains and part of my back hurts sometimes. I'm not too sure why this is... :(
    Stay Strong in whatever you are doing! :)

  2. Wow. That takes a good amount of strength and courage. The only thing I can think of tougher than not having that extra bite is having several more.

    If this is something that you truly feel is what you need to go through now and will make you that much stronger, good for you. After all, there is an inherent element of health in all of this that we all have to be mindful of. Which, I suppose we are, but we ignore. Already, you're that much stronger for acknowledging it. I don't want to wish you good luck on it, though. More like hope. Good hope? Yes, and lots of it.

  3. refeeding can real affect your health badly it has to be down slowly

    i dont really know the ins and outs of it

    on itunes u i found this video it was a dr doing a presentation on anorexia i its a 2008 video anyway he said something about refeeding syndrome

    you might find the video interesting you seem like the sorta person that always knows about things its university of arizona, pediatric grand rounds 2008, a new understanding of anorexia nervousa

    also says how theres a connection with ADD alot of anorexics have it and also the whatever is diffrent in the brain with ADD is similar to anorexica except it delvelops slowly

    good luck though im guessing the body has to get used to more food and then you should feel great

    are you still going to the gym when your eating more because hopefully you will have so much more energy