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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm done with all of my classes but one, and all that's left there is an online final which I have to take before the ninth. I feel actually pretty good about them, except for some of my bio, where I totally bombed the 4 abiotic factors that effect climate. FYI, Sunlight, Wind, Temperature, and Water is the answer. I put in "Weather", which I tots think should be one, and I thought was a good BS version.

Anyway, after my trig exam, I went to the gym and ran a mile, then did about 25 on the eliptical. All together I burned about 300 calories on there. Only a short work out today, because I needed to get home and go to bed. Had a migraine forming, so I ate some edamame and took some ibuprofen, and now my tummy feels all swoooollled. But after the gym, I was down to 167, so I'm hoping that even though I eated that so late, I'll still be lower. I would rather not move on the scale, though, than have to fight off a migraine all of tomorrow.

So calories for today:

Slimfast (turns out I wasn't allergic, it was a reaction to one of my meds, yay!) - 190
Chicken dish - 150 calories
Chicken and potatos - 160 calories
Edamame - 100 calories
Snack - 80 calories

Total oooofffffff 680!

Kind of high, BUT, to be fair, I had TWO FINALS today, and one was a critical thinking/diagnostic exam for psych, so I needed to be on the top of my game, which means not too full, not too hungry. And I also had to study all night, so I couldn't be too woozy headed.

Realizing all the calories I ate sort of makes my stomach feel too full now though.

Oh well. Thursday morning is a real return to the gym, where I burn, I learned, about 700 calories a round, and about 950 when I really go at it on the weekends (when it's empty enough to :3)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Glad to hear you aren't allergic to Slim Fast :)

  2. hey, i'm a mia from brazil :) (add you on followers).
    be strong future thin!
    (i'm sorry, my english is not the best hahahaha)

  3. It sounds like you did well on your finals-- congrats :)

    I actually have two questions for you...

    1. The first workout-- the 300 calorie one-- you called "short". Does it make you super-tired, or just get your heart-rate up? I've been looking for something similar, but I'm not sure if I can burn as many calories as I'm taking in and stay standing...

    2. Does ibuprofen make you bloated? Is that scientific, or anecdotal? I take it sometimes, it'd be good to know.

    Thanks :)

  4. wootwoot! Today was the last day of my highschool college classes!

    yay for 167, I can't wait to see your photos once you post them!

  5. gosh. my slimfast has a stupid amount of calories, like 200 and something! i refuse to drink it anymore but it tastes soooo good!

    I will post some photos of the bean bag for sure, as soon as its done! and i'll try to get some photos of the tentacle plants up pronto =]

    brownies? yum. i wouldnt be able to resist those if i made them!
    i couldnt really resist the carrot cake either in the end =/ but i only had a tiny-tiny-mini slice so it wasnt too bad.

    keep strong! xx