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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I challenged my friend (we'll call him Ry for the sake of anonymity) to a weight loss goal this month. He wants to run in a marathon. I just want to be hot.

The challenge? Who can lose the most weight. I want to lose fifteen pounds, and he wants to run a marathon. Thing is, he's the sort of person who shows up in jeans and only when someone comes with him, and he eats two bowls of spaghetti for breakfast. Still, he's a HUGE guy (not like blubbery HUGE, but like, wide, and broad, and tall as fuck) and his recommended in take (when he was at his healthiest--212 pounds, but he was a sports guy) is about 3000 calories.

Don't you WISH you could eat that much and not gain weight?

He loses weight when he cuts down to 2000. He said he lost a pound a day when he was eating only 1500. I sort of hate him for that.

So I spent four hours at the gym. I didn't mean to, and now I'm exhausted. It was nice. I've had all this energy and shit building up in me. Now I need to do some laundry and homework, though laundry can wait until tomorrow. I think it's going to take all the energy I have left to do my homework and essays XD

IF ANYONE TAKES HYDROXYCUT STOP. The FDA just recalled it, as apparently it causes massive liver failure if you take it CORRECTLY. If you don't? It will fuck you up worse. I only say this because it's something I take from time to time, whenever I eat too much and can't purge. But I think I'd sort of rather deal with the regular consequences of a binge than a liver transplant.


  1. god! i wish i could lose a pound a day! i hate him for that too!
    3000 calories a day seems totally MAD! though 500 a day is starting to seem mad to me....
    you muuust beat him! must.
    you can and will!
    i wish you loads of luck!

  2. Ugh, most men lose weight so easily. I wish I could, too..

    Strange thing is, I don't mind it when guys have a bit of tub (a bit, mind). :/

  3. Good Luck, I hope you kick his ass :) in weightloss I mean

    Ugh, Hydroxycut is some evil stuff, I took it in college, made me crazy skinny, but also I was insane. Forget the liver damage, I swear it fucked up my brain more than ana or mia ever could!

  4. Stupid men! I do indeed wish I could eat 3000 calories and not gain anything.

    I hope you win the challenge!