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Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Challenge 2009! Join me!

Time Frame:
May 10th-August 1oth 2009

The purpose of this challenge is to achieve a specified weight loss goal, as well as a major goal and/or life renovation outside of restriction and weight loss, and to help increase personal control in your life.

The Challenge:
You are to come up with two separate goals--One as related to weight loss, one as related to another factor of your life. The other factor can be anything (such as writing a book, reading a book, painting your house, keeping your house clean, or even picking up an old hobby or cutting back on TV time), big or small, that you want to improve on but that will take some effort to do (The Goal is Control!).

On May 10th, make an entry on your blog and tag it with "Summer Challenge 2009" so people can find it easily. The entry should be like this:
Current Weight:
Goal Weight Loss:
Personal Goal:
Biggest Challenges:
Anything else you want to add:

(Like I said, goals can be anything from cleaning, to taking a dance class, kick boxing, drawing more, etc.)

You can start the challenge any time AFTER the 10th as well, for people who want to join in late :3

Every week I'll post up a new question, asking things like "What's your favorite thinspo song to get you going"? or "What's the best way you've found to avoid a binge?" You can answer these in comments, as well as on your own site (just let me know that you do it so I can find it) and I'll compile many of the answers and post up them up with next weeks question.

I'll be posting up links to people participating on the very top of my blog page so everyone can find each other.

Before and After Pictures:
Here's the real fun part for me :3 In order to participate, you must take two pictures: A BEFORE picture on May 10th, and an AFTER picture on August 10th, then you'll post the two of them together on your site as the results of your work out. The thing that will make this more comfortable for everyone involved is that everyone in the challenge will be doing it, therefor giving more security. You don't need to keep them forever, but just a few days to give people a chance to see.

If you would like help removing any identifying marks (scars, tattoos, surroundings, etc) then I can give you my email and I'll help photoshop your pics to get rid of them.

ALSO, if you want, you can post up pictures, links, information, videos, etc., to show that you made your second non-weight related goal as well! This can be things like the page count to your book you wrote, a video of you dancing, a piece of artwork you completed, a picture of a clean room, or anything like that. This part is optional, because if it's something that's related to real life and could potentially give your away your identity, I don't want to push you to do that. :3

•This is about control, and taking control of your need to binge, need to eat, and your life. Therefor, I ask that purging is kept at a minimum.
•Be nice to each other, not like you all aren't already :3
•Please make sure to tag entries related to this with "Summer Challenge 2009" so people can find them easier. :3

So, what do yo u guys think? Is it too cheesy? It's not anything super extreme, like a specific diet you must stick to, but I thought it could be fun. Especially the question bits, and being able to have links to different people participating, to give and get more support. Just comment here and I'll sign you up!

Thanks to Fenie for being super awesome and letting me bounce this off her last night! :3


  1. OMG. I LOVE it! I am so in!! My blog is titled "Control is the Goal" and it's like I started it just in time to be a part of this. (I don't believe in coincidences.)

    Except for the picture thing (which I will do even though I am completely embarrassed) this sounds great!

    Thanks for putting in the effort to put this together. I am really looking forward to this challenge. :)


  2. Of course I'm in! I'm excited to a) maybe meet some new people through the challenge & b) figure out a personal goal.

    I think this sounds great and I love that everyone should post before/after pics - I love them!

  3. It sounds like a great idea. I would love to take part of your 2009 summer challange^^
    I am a german girl, but for you guys I will write my posts in english if you want.
    one of my goals is not to binge a lot as I do already. I hate to binge and loose my selfcontrol.
    would it be ok, if I post a picture from the 8th april?

    PS: I love your blog^^

  4. I'm in, since I REALLY NEED TO GET MY ASS IN GEAR THIS SUMMER. Personal goal: Stop using all-caps all the fucking time haha.

    I'm probably not going to be able to do proper before/after pics since i have no mirror/cam setup to take a full body shot =/ plus i'm fucking obese. But I'll post what I can, and this is awesome =] x

  5. I'm so joining...its not summer over but I really like this idea!

    I really need to get my act into gear. Not just in my weight loss, but in so many other things. I'm gonna have a hard time deciding what my personal goal will be. I'll try to post a pic asap, but I need to find my camera charger..

    (reply to your comment on my post):
    D: I put in that last picture, b/c I was thinking of my old French teacher. She's friggin amazing: her hair is perfect, she's always dressed impeccably, and she has the grace and dignity of a queen. When I grow up, I literally want to be her. But now you've corrupted me. The mental pictures. ;_;

  7. im so in!
    i even might put in the whole photo thing... but im gonna have to work up some courage because everyone will be waaaay skinnier than me and its embraasssing :/

  8. I'm in! Great Idea. I know everybody else has been saying this, but I really need to get myself in gear. This is perfect. Can't wait to make my first post tommorow!

  9. in!:D
    damn i hate yu for the photo thing but then perhaps thats the motivation i need

  10. I'm in :)

    Thanks for organizing this!

  11. I'm in...I love group support stuff so this should really help!

  12. I'm in! I'm excited.

    Got my before picture =[
    Quite frightening.

  13. i am in - a day late - was gonna sign up yesterday, but went to bed instead!!

  14. I would love to join, if it's not too late :D I'm just starting all over again, my mom kept such a close eye on me for a year that i look like a small elephant now. ^^' This would be the perfect start again!

  15. I'm in from today as well :)

  16. Just started to follow your blog and im really excited - im in =) but i reallllllllllly need some help along the way cos im rubbish when on my own with these things my concience is fucked!! Please follow my blog everyone!!

    Also i have no one in my life who understands about the love of skinny.

    Much love


  17. So bummed out.
    My boyfriend kinda found my blog, so I had to delete all the posts off it before he actually read anything, so unfortunately I won't be able to write about the challenge :o(
    I am still doing it though, just can't publish it.
    And of course, I'll still be reading everyone else's blogs
    xx, Daisy

  18. I am in! My blog is --I thought I had joined in already (see my May 11th post) but I guess there anything else I need to do??

  19. I know I'm damn late on this, but I join in. I rly need that competition now to come back on track.

    I'll just answer both questions today in my blog. :)

  20. So, in case it wasn't clear from the post before me... I'm late, but I'm in..! too close to summer to be holding on to 10 post-surgery pounds. I hate to be back in this frame of mind after ten years of denying it, but whatever - gotta do whatcha gotta do!

  21. hey PrettyWreck! i'm a little late to the party here but count me in!

  22. I'm in too!
    love your blog, by the way =)

  23. awwwwww !! i cant beleive i missed this . cn i start now ??? Im in :) Xx