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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm so happy with allt he people that have signed up! I'll start linking up tonight after I finish my final exam for CRJ.

Well, today is a total bust, like I knew it would be. We went to the buffet. I ate...half a taco, three bites of salmon, two steak fries, half of an egg roll, some iceburg lettuce with low cal ranch, five croutons, and a roll. That wouldn't have been so bad, but then I ate two cannoli's. Or however they're spelled.


I'm putting that at maybe 900 cal for the day?
Other than that, I had a salad at home (iceburg lettuce, a bit of cheese, some five crutons, and fat free ranch--maybe 90 cal?), and then I broke into my nephews spicy cheetohs. Not a lot, but still, I'm at least past the dreaded 1000. I worked out for two and a half hours at the gym, and burned maybe 700-800, but it's not enough. I sort of want to die right now.

Anyway, tomorrow is a fasting and dieters tea day.

I also found this. It's a story that's...about cheerleaders who get really fat. It's making me want to go purge and never, ever, ever eat again. I started at chapter 21, because it had the picture I found by accident on google images, and I don't really care about the content. Just how good of a job it does at making me want to die for eating.


  1. I'm going to take up your challenge!

    I also began reading that cheerleader story..and I'm hooked; unfortunately I have to go to work, so I'll have to finish reading it after.

    HOWEVER - I will not be eating ANYTHING whatsoever at work. I have to stop my binge routine now now now.

  2. The answer to ur question definitely A!!!! I'm pretty excited to read the cheerleader story but I don't want to get hooked as its 1 am here and I plan to go for a 1 hour jog in the morning lol. Also buffets are there to make us miserable and make themselves money, but its not like u'll be there again anytime soon so thats something be happy about...pretty glad I actually persuaded my family not to go to one today for mothers day! As evil as it was...