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Friday, May 1, 2009


Africana: Thank you so much for your kind words. The inspiring part made me smile and meant a lot to me. I know, I'm a cheesy sot.

Well...I has been very good.

I slept three or four hours last night. I woke up, and I weighed a number that shall not be named, for terror of getting back up to it again. I ate very little, just enough to keep my metabolism going, then went to the gym. I was exhausted, but forced myself. Wound up stopping a little early, BUT...when I weighed myself at the gym?


I got home, dried my hair, and weighed myself again. 170.2. Sadly, I go by my digital scale (because that's the one I weigh in on consistently--which is more acurate?) Still... That's lower than the last weight I had in April (170.4). This is at the END of the day too. I'm excited to see how much I weigh when I wake up :3

I was supposed to go to a dyke ball tonight for a festival, but I realized all I have are really baggy shirts and pants that are too big on me now. I'm just small enough to not fit into those, and big enough to not fit into my "skinny pants" proper. Which, might I say, is absolute SUCK. I also can't wear any of my nice shirts, because they show my arms, which are HUGE. So I'm calling out, and staying home tonight (my morning, or whatever). I'll go to the gym almost first thing, then do some laundry and study. I think I'm going to also try this stuff called Dieters Tea to cleanse out my system. All in all, tonight is going to be relaxing, and sleeping in, which I need.

I got update my charts, too. They're all monthly. I have one where I cross out all the benchmarks I've passed and what month I passed them in. Another one I have the whole year planned out, with expected weight loss each month in red. Under that, I put in the actual numbers.

I was expected to go from 183.8-173.8 in April.
I went from 183.8 to 170.4 :3 THAT felt nice.

And I have determined, officially, that I am going to start taking pictures. At the end of May, I'll take some. Then end of June, July, and August. I'm not posting any yet. I'm going to save them up and put them together in comparison shots, because, as silly as it sounds, I wanna be able to post thinspo of my OWN eventually :3

Weeee it will be epic fun.

PS Today I went to the gym after drinking slimfast and started wheezing. I thought ti was because I may be not eating enough, but when I got home, my legs were itchy. I just looked, and they're covered in hives. I am now allergic to slimfast. Epic fail, yo. I have such WEIRD allergies.

Found this, thought people would be interested.
"About 95 percent of people regain the weight they have lost in less than a year," says psychotherapist Stefanie Barthmare of the Methodist Weight Management Center in Houston.

"People who want to lose weight come in with such fierce determination and commitment in the early stages, but they are more committed to losing weight than to a new lifestyle. The motivation to diet only lasts for a limited period."

(Found here)


  1. Mucho congrats on your excelente weight loss.
    You're fantastic.

  2. allergic to slimfast? woah, that is a little strange =/

    you've lost sooo much weight over April! thats amazing! im so jealous.


  3. I can't wait to see your pics! I would take some of my own, but my camera is broken...

    The article: I think things like fad dieting are the result of a fast-food nation. Not just the grossly unhealthy fast food itself, but the culture it creates when commercialism is so easy and reinforced everywhere. People want maximum returns with minimum investment -- it's efficiency turned perverse, the American innovation turned perverse. Just goes to show that we can't let little setbacks become mountains and must be moderate in everything. We can't overstuff ourselves, but we should be wary of complete starvation, too. Both bring immediate gratification rather than the long-term results we really want.

  4. Wow congrats on losing more than you thought you would! thats awesome.
    I really need to do that kind of stuff, planning how much i want to lose, how many cals to eat per day and other things like that, otherwise i lose track so easily. Im finding it really hard, hopefully after the first few weeks it will get easier.

    Hope you keep seeing good results :D

  5. Thanks for your comments =)
    You make me laugh heaps!

    Congratulations on the weight loss.. Keep it up lovely!

    Also, yes - My name is Gemma. Gem. Whatevs!