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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Apparently I need to rage more often.
I got up to day and was at 165.8
Which means this first week of may, I've lost about 4.5 pounds.
When I got on the scale ten minutes later, it was up to 166.2 and then 166.6 and then 166.1 and then 165.9 and...yeah...165.8 is the one I got three consecutive times in a row when I first woke up, so therefor, it is the winner XD

So I had a TV dinner worth 300 calories
and then a cupcake, which I'm saying is maybe 200? 250?

I'm around 550 cal for the first 3 hours of the day. I have one more thing I'm allowed to eat, which is a little over 100 cals, but I might not even have that, and just snack on something small when I get home. Today I'm allowed around 700, because tomorrow I go out for delicious sushi and fish, and I want my metabolism to be a little more kicked up to handle the big meal. I know it's not too fattening, but tbh, it'll be more than I've had in a while.

I think if I can stay under 700 today, I'll be okay. and I can do that. I go to sleep at like, 7 or 8am today, so that's only like, 9 hours XD I can not eat for the rest of the night except for some grapes before bed and be set :3

So I don't feel guilty about the cupcake, because I planned for it. I knew it was going to happen. I'm a supervisor at work, and there are literally only three people who work on this shift (me, Mal, and Lindy) and only two of us are on shift at a time. Then there's the cleaning crew, who are also graveyard. It's Mal's birthday, so I got cupcakes and soda for everyone and surprised Mal. I knew if I didn't eat one, it would seem weird, so I made sure I planned my day around it.

My stomach hurts now from all the sugar, though. Store bought cupcakes are a serious pain in the gut!

I ALSO GOT ATTACKED BY A CAMEL SPIDER! I was standing there, and we were trying to convince one of the guys that they ARE out here, and telling them that I caught one as big as my fucking head that was a female ready to lay eggs, and he was like "NO! They're only in the middle east!" and I'm like "NO THEY ARE NOT!" and another cleaning guy was saying how he saw one in the maintenance office (where we were at) and suddenly I hear a girl scream.

I look down, and there's this maybe four or five inch long monstrosity of fuzzy legs and giant pinchers, reared back, beak open, front feeler legs open, aiming at my leg, because I apparently had made a move and nudged it before I realized it was there and it took it as an attack. It WAS HISSING AT ME AND IT WAS GOING TO TRY AND KILL ME OR EAT ME. I screamed and literally jumped over it and away and hid behind the maintenance supervisor, and the thing took off. The guy who didn't believe us? He shut up.

For those of you who don't know what camel spiders's what TRIED TO KILL ME AND FEAST ON MY FAT LEGS. (No, that is not me in the picture, and this is not the exact spider)

And a video, for all you brave at heart


  1. Oh.




    I seriously would have passed out I think. Those things are HORRIBLE UGH. I have such a thing about spiders, and camel spiders are like the most terrifyingly huge motherfuckers. I am shuddering for you right now. Helll no. I would not be able to work somewhere that those fuckers had been seen more than ONCE.


    I'm probably overreacting on your part but jesus fucking christ!


  3. Also, I use the Miffin equation. I used to know the difference between the two, but I've slept since then.

  4. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen and it would scare the shit out of me - and honestly I'm not scared of much - it looks like it's out of a sci fi movie.

    I grew up in TX and we used to find scorpions in our hamster cage - I can't believe that thing fucking eats scorpions!

  5. & CONGRATS! That's an awesome weightloss number!

  6. Fucking. I about died just looking at the picture. You have my sympathy. Major.

  7. Ahh that thing is HORRIBLE!

  8. Holy shit.
    That is fucking terrifying.