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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay. I've been meaning to address some things and I keep forgetting.

•About replying back to blogs: Those of you who I've been following know that I generally reply to everything I see, and do it daily. I'm going to be slower for the next few days. I'm reading what I can, but I keep forgetting to reply, or just can't think of words. I'm sick, or something, so it's hard to get my head clear.

•Daisy: Is there any way you can make a new blog that boy won't see?

•Someone asked about Ibuprofen, and if it makes you bloated - I've never had this problem. My biggest problem is actually with excedrin, because caffeine can do it to me, but I think it depends on your system and how it handles the pain killers.

•In regards to the challenge: All names are listed on the left hand side. If you're participating, please check to make sure your name is there, and that you're linked to correctly (it goes directly to all profile pages :3). I do miss people on accident, but I think I have everyone up now! that's out of the way.

This morning I was at 160.8. I'm surprised I lost anything at all. I ate so MUCH yesterday.
But I've been sick. Or at least...I hope it's sick, and not just my body. Lack of sleep, bad tremors, freezing cold but no fever to speak of. Exhausted but riddled with nightmares everytime I close my eyes. I've even picked up my in take a little to make sure it's not blood sugar or something, but I think it's just hormones and the migraine I just got over. I mean, the aura for that headache was a good two days long, so the aftershocks will probably take just as much time to wear off.

Ugh, anyway. I'm sleepy and sort of out of it, so...I'm at work, and I'm going to curl up with a book and try not to fall asleep.
No gym today. I think I'm just going to wait for the sick to wear off. I'll go back on Tuesday, methinks. So today I have to eat relatively light so as to not like...explode with weight. But I'm going to take a whole ambien around 8 and hopefully be to sleep about's taking me longer than normal to fall asleep, but when i do, I think I'll crash out for a good long while.

I need it.


  1. i hope you start feeling better soon hunny! it sounds terrible! *hugs*

    and weldone on losing that weight! i wish i was still losing, i think i've hit another plateau. sad times. though of course i dont know now, seeing as i dont have a working scale at the moment...damn!


  2. I mean..I suppose I could,
    but that would require me making a whole new account/email
    ...and I'm afraid the whole thing would just happen again!
    It really is almost unbearable being without it though.
    I keep thinking of things I want to blog about
    but then I remember it's gone :o(

  3. I hope you feel better soon.
    Much love.

  4. hope you sleep well and wake up feeling better!

  5. Hope you get better soon
    Take care

  6. Sucks that you're sick, doll. Hoping you feel better quick.

    <3 <3