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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poem: I Fought the World

Sorry for spamming you guys. Another cheesy ass poem because I'm bored at work :3. (The other one is called "So Said Ana To Me" and my excuse for that one is that I was on ambien XD). If anyone really feels the need to use/repost, go ahead, but I don't see why you would XD

I Fought the World

When I get there, I'll be able to say
"I fought the world to get this beautiful."
My skin will be firm and taught,
lips plump and rich--
hair long around face thin and soft enough
to make Barbie envious.
I'll walk down the street and move out of tune with the
click-clack-bang!-shout!-of society.
I'll be the whisper heard above
car horns and
and overzealous cellphone calls.
Through the smog of congested streets I'll be
a refreshing breeze escaped from the purity of heaven.
The sight of my legs will taste light like strawberries
and the weight of their eyes
will taste green with envy.
I will be a copy-paste from a magazine--
a naturally airbushed beauty queen.
And with a flick of my fingers through luxurious hair
I'll say with words so full of practiced humility,
"Oh, I guess it's just good genes."
While with pride I think,
I fought the world to get this way.
I fought the world to get this beautiful.


  1. I.Love.It

    Keep fighting sister. :)

  2. keep sharing them! They are wonderful!

  3. That poem, it is amazing.

    "I fought the world to get this beautiful."

    That simple statment rings SO true, I don't even know what to say.

  4. omg.
    i fucking ADORE this poem.
    its so beautiful and so to the point.
    it explains so much but with so short sentences.


    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. Love the poem.
    Have to say, though, I would make this edit:
    I fought the world AS A FUCKING NINJA to get this way.
    I fought the world to get this beautiful.
    Lol, jk, jk.

    Reply to your comment: I hope I'll get to see that tatoo! I tend not to care much for tatoos, but that sounds simple and lovely and impowering.

  6. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for posting it :)

    I hope you're doing well, stay strong hun!!